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Mammoth - Feb. 25-26

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I missed folks last time, but thought I'd try again. Will be in Mammoth this weekend and it would be "keen" to meet anyone that might be there, too.
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Sorry, but I'll miss you by a few days.

As a refugee from the drought stricken Pacific Northwest, I will be headed down to Mammoth from Feb 27 to March 4.

Never been there before, so it should be interesting. Any advice for a newcomer? I'll be skiing Pocket Rockets, although I am toying with the idea of also bringing my Atomic REX's with Fritschi bindings or Atomic SL:11's. I love Steeps, Deeps and fast groomers.

I'm flying Southwest Airlines to Reno then renting a Jeep Liberty for the drive south. Any problems with Southwest and ski's?


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The PR's will be a good choice, but if you can bring two pair, definitely bring the R:EX's. You should get some freshies, but if not, the un-groomed is usually heavy crus and the R:EX's are the near perfect tool (actually...a close second to Explosiv's)
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bandit man, very sorry we didn't show at mccoy station last time around. last-minute decision to hit june instead. hope you didn't wait around too long.

will definitely be up again at least a couple times; hope we end up making a few turns.
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