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Another Boot flex question

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I have a pair of XWave 9s that I would like to soften, I have been told that cuting a V as marked on the inside of the boot will achieve this but I am worried that it will soften the boot to much.
Has anyone tried this and if so by how much did it affect the boots stiffness.

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That's funny! I have the same boot, but want to stiffen it! I'll get a shop to do it though.
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Before you cut, try this--on the back of the boot (the spine) you have a black woven strip that runs up and down the cuff , as I rember(I do not have one infront of me ) you can unscrew a screw that secures it to the boot and that will change the flex . Also if it is like the wave -10 look at the ankle /pivot point , you will see the "canting " screws , one big and one small (Actualy this is upper cuff adjustment , since canting is only done under the boot)and take out the smaller screw on both sides (or only on the inside if you want to flex more to your iside edge - this can duplicate Tecnicas dual pivot ) Since they do not provide plugs , I would seal the shell with some good old duct tape to be expediant.Try doing my first recomend first , because unhinging the strip makes for a less progressive flex ,since that replaced the old pro link in the predessor the performa axe.
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I should read my replies before i send them -I meant try the second recomend first and as a note seal with duct tape on the inside of the shell---too many beers time to go
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I have the X10's and have softened them in a few ways (bought them cheaper then the 8 or 9's that why I have them)
1) Yes remove the second smaller Tnuts that wil soften the boot about 15%, If you want to stiffen the boot add them in, You can see the pre-marked spots on the shell
2) cut the V wedge in the back, I made mine about 2 inchs long and that made the boot about 15% softer again.
3) This DIDN'T soften the boot at all, but I removed the rear spine carbon blah blah blah rail thing, it is attached at the botton with a t nut but it is NOT attached at the top, so it free floats doing NOTHING. Solomons marketing dept is bigger then the R & D dept. This rail is attached on both ends on the race boots but not on the waves.
before cutting the shell I would go see a boot fitter and for the few bucks or the few beers that they will charge ya get them to do it.
Or shoot me a PM and I can help too
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