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Diablo Flame or Diablo Fire?

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I'm replacing my 10 year old Tecnica boots. The Diablo Fire and the Flame seem to be identical in fit, and fit me better than other boots I've tried on. The Flame lacks a couple of adjustments, which I don't seem to need changed anyway (spoiler height, heel stays). Wearing one on each foot, I can't even tell much difference in the way of flex -- having one buckle or strap a tiny bit tighter seems to make as much difference as from model to model.

So, for a fairly aggressive all mountain skier, who only weighs 140 pounds, can anyone offer an opinion on which model I might find more suitable, and why? Any difference in the lateral stiffness between these models?

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Go with the Fires, if only for the solar orange color (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Seriously though, my girlfriend has the woman's flame, and I have the Fires (I actually ended up buying them instead of the Flames because the shop I went to was sold out of 28s in the Flame). Assuming you are considering the same lining system in either boot, the slight difference in flex I believe is the only major issue to consider. At your lower weight (I'm 195), I imagine that the Flames' little bit lower stiffness may be preferable... I also remember reading at one point that the Fires are a slightly higher volume boot (I may have that reversed though).

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From what I've heard its the fires that are lower volume then the mag's. BUT i did pick that up out of Ski or Skiing...so who the heck knows.

I have the Fires and i'm a big fan. My recommendation first off is to down size the shell the next time you go in. If you can get your foot in then thats the size you want to get. The liners will pack out and the toe box is neoprene, so everything seems tight in the length.

I weight 155, so I'm a bit closer to your 140. While they do stiffen up in the cold the fire isn't a super stiff boot so I don't think you'll have any problem flexing it. Both boots do still have a "flex lock" in the back to stiffen or soften flex. The fires are about 10% stiffer and that hot orange color.
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Got the Fires

I ended up getting the Fires. One shell size smaller than my 10 year old Tecnica TNS boots, the shells are really only maybe 3mm shorter. The flex, fit, etc. are really very similar between the boots, at least while wearing them at home. New ones are obviously not packed out and feeling tighter, but I can tell that they will only be a tiny bit tighter than my old boots, after they see twenty days on the slopes. Which is a good thing. They do feel smaller around the front of the ankle, between the 2nd and 3rd buckles, which is a place that my old boots were too loose. And that orange color looks great with my red/white skis and my red/blue skis
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