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First Ski Advice

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My 16 year old daughter demoed her first pair of "real" skis yesterday. While she's grown up on shaped skis (she's been on skis since age 3), to date the best thing she's ever been on is a pair of Rossignol Cut Juniors (probably an '02-03 vintage) inherited from an older cousin. The skis she tried were a junior version of the Volkl Supersport 5 Star - at 85 Lbs, there are few adult skis for her to choose from - she needs something in a sub 150cm length. The skis she demoed were 140cm.

She skied the entire day with no apparent difficulty, but when asked how she liked them, commented that "they turn before I expect them to". My question is, do you think this is something she'll get used to, or should we look at something else (assuming we can find demos - they're very scarce in her size).

I would describe her as a very competent but not aggressive skier, probably a high level 6 /low level 7.

I can get a very good deal on these skis, and I would like to get her something with a little headroom, but would also like to avoid an expensive mistake.

Appreciate any thoughts, opinions, or recommendations.
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I had the same problem 6 years ago when I got my first pair of shaped skis (Volkl P40 GS). It took me about 2 ski days to get ussed to the new tecnique. I think on average, when you make a big switch from one pair to another, there is a certain period of time that it takes to get accustom to the new pair.
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