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This is my first post and I am in dire need of this forum's condsiderable expertise. My 2001/2002 K2 Axis X Pro's met their end on a the Castlerock Liftline this past Saturday (2/19). That said, I need to replace and do not want to blow a lot of time (and $$) demoing..Sad but true, I know. Having cut my teeth skiing out several seasons out west, I consider myself a very strong skier in terms of speed and technique. However given that I am now a Vermont skier and invariably spend much of my ski days in bumps-I need a ski that will not crush me as a result. The question is this-do I just go for the Apache Recon..or venture away from K2?? I was thinking about the Elan S12 based on a friends review and positive words here. Any other boards I should consider (Head Monster 70??) Thanks in advance!!