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Bindings for K2 Axis X???

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I am not familiar with bindings at all. I am not looking for the top of the line but would like a good binding to compliment the Axis x. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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it doesn't matter. there are no bindings made specifically for the Axis X. K2 isn't in the business of making/selling bindings, so you won't see any K2 integrated ski/binding setups any time soon.

I have had good luck with Look, Rossignol, and Salomon bindings. But in today's market, any binding will work for you.

My Axis X have Salomon 912 Pe bindings, but only because my friend at the shop gave them to me for a good deal. I was going to get Marker Piston Control bindings.

Best value in bindings can be found 1 or 2 models below the "top of the line." At your weight, you won't need a binding that goes to DIN 14, so that helps you avoid the top bindings anyway.
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Would agree with gonzo on the Salomon 912.

Over here, K2 are starting to work closely with Marker - using the same UK disti now, and rumours are that Marker will be bringing out K2 specific bindings next year.

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Get some LOOK Pivot bindings, i would avoid Salomon since they have no upward release at the toe. Trust me i know and so does my knee from last years fall. Just my opinion but i think Salomon has the most dangerous binding out there. Markers, Atomics, LOOK/Rossignal all have upward toe release but does Salomon top of the line, NOPE.

Am sure you will have alot of people here say that there Salomons work fine they fallen dozens of time and they never prerelease which is all true for them, but they just havent had a unusaul backwards fall like i did,, "yet"! And if you do your knee will pay the price.
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Personally, I would look at the Look Pivot or Rossi Axial bindings. They are fairly light, have great retention & are durable. When looking at the Rossi & Look you need to decide if you want a model with the plate or without (Rossi calls their plate the T-Plate, I can't recall what Look calls theirs). The plate will give you more lift & better carving performance. The downside is you sacrifice some off-piste performance. If you are planning to ski lots of hard snow & plan to go fast get the plate version. If you are doing lots of off-piste & moguls get the standard model.
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I have 912 Ti PE2's on my AXP's and love them. I used to be a Marker guy, but I am very pleased with the Sollies. The lift on the 912 PS/PE/PE2 (31-mm?) is a really nice balance for the 70-mm waist of the Axis.
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All bindings work well, period. I am biast to Markers and have MRR's on my Axis X Pro's.
You might want to consider the Ti 1200 Glide Control. I am not sold on the Piston technology.

Whatever binding you do get just make sure it is set up properly and you should have no issues.
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