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Taping vs. Bracing

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What do you guys think is better.....

I've been taping because I felt like it gave me better support then a brace...maybee my feel is wrong but Taping seems better to me.
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While there is some controversy on this subject, the popular opinion is that taping enhances the "proprioceptive amplification ratio." In plain English, this means that post-injury, taping has been found to induce less loss of proprioception than bracing.
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I've dealt with many of my own sports injuries during my playing days, and now deal with many with my players. Where possible, we always tape. I think it provides better support, conforms better to the injured area, and has less chance of slipping away from the injured area as compared to bracing.
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He thanks guys!! I tried on some braces level 2 and I was like why pay 30 bucks or more for this when tape gives me better support...I really appreciate the advice and expertise!
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