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Conditions / Skiing in PA

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I live in NJ and am thinking about going skiing for the day tommorrow. I don't feel like driving the 4 1/2 hrs roundtrip to Belleayre so I'm thinking about going to PA which would be no more than 2 1/2.

Can anyone tell me the best place to go based on current conditions and the skking in general as I've never been. Considering maybe Elk or Blue. May even take a lesson (I'm an internmediate who needs to learn modern technizue).

Thanks in advance.
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Conditions are good.
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Be careful driving. Forecast has drastically changed to a major snowstorm for central and eastern PA tomarrow
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Elk was very good on Monday. Snow was heavy and wet, though, so I'd hate to see it after it froze.
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The forecast is only one inch for Tannersville if I go to Camelback so driving shouldnt be a problem
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Blue was very nice yesterday. If you go there park at the bottom, not the main lodge. Elk has been excellent as well. Don't go to Camelback if you can reach the others.
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