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Need some boot recommendations

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Hey all.

I hate to admit it, but it's time to look for some new boots. I'm hoping "Flexon Phil" will read this post, because my current boot is a Raichle Flexon Extreme 9.7, and I love them. Unfortunately, they are now about 10 years old and starting to show their age. Here are my stats/requirements:

1) Advanced skier - level 7/8, give or take 1 level. I should be better than I am, but I'm not in the shape I should be in and I don't get to ski as much as I'd like (usually only 12-15 days per year). I like hi-speed cruising/carving, steeps, powder, crud, and short/slalom turns. Not much of a bump skier anymore, unless they are really soft and fresh. I generally stick to the steeper groomers and powder when it's around, and I like the trees out West when there are good conditions.

2) Current boot - Raichle Flexon Extreme 9.7. I love the relative soft forward flex but stiff lateral support of this boot. Very warm and pretty comfortable, too. Kind of a pain in the *ss getting in and out of, however.

3) I've got a fairly skinny, narrow foot. Street shoe size 10 (9.5 boot size). That's why I always liked Raichle boots - they seemed to provide more of a tighter fit for my foot than other manufacturers.

4) Current ski - Atomic BetaRide 9.22. 190cm. I might be buying something shorter are more of a carver as a 2nd ski, though I do really like the 9.22's for crud, cruising, powder, and will definitely continue to ski them.

5) 6'0", 200 lbs. Mostly ski in New England, with the occasional trip out West.

Any suggestions for boots that I should check out/demo?

Thanks in advance,

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Tecnica Diablo Race Pro, Dalbello Krypton, Nordica Doberman, Lange 120 LF.
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Try Atomic tritech. the original, narrower version as opposed to the wider bitech. At least they're easier to get into.
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No fear... I am here.

Get your dogs over to and try on some Kryptons. They will by like your Flexons on steriods, more power, more pop and 864% easier to buckle up. The Cross will be fine, you do not need the Pro.
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tecnica diablo fire
head s-12 or
atomic tri-tech t11
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Check out the Head RS 100 or The Krypton Pro. The pro comes with two tongues and a firmer zeppa for better feel on the snow...I believe that they are actually 934% easier to put on than the old flexon.
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