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My daughter demoed these skis yesterday. Having never been on anything but rental skis (other than the Rossignol Cut Juniors she inherited from a cousin), she found them very different, in her words "they turn before I expect them to". There are some good deals right now on this ski ($300 or less including binding), but I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger. Will she get used to these or is this just the wrong ski for her? She skied them the whole day and did not seem to have any noticeable difficulty.

She is 16, 5'2" tall, but weighs only 85 Lbs. She's a very competent but not aggresive skier (I'd say level 6-7). Thus she needs something in a 140-145cm length, but there are only a small handful of adult skis (including woman specific) available in that length, and even fewer of those available to demo (several shops weren't even aware the model they carried came that small). Junior skis would seem to be the best (not to mention cheapest) bet, but until yesterday, I'd never heard of anyone offering junior demos (I think the shop owner felt sorry for me and mounted up a pair of 140's).

Thanks in advance for any advice/opinions.