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Achin' Ankle

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I’ve been a fan of your site for a while and would like some advice from all you pros. Last Wednesday, I took a fall and the binding released, but not after a pretty hefty twist to my lower left leg. There was some immediate pain to the outside of the leg from the ankle up to the knee—nothing in the knee joint. The pain subsided within a minute or two. I continued to ski the rest of the week and my ankle felt fine in the boot.

Since then, my left ankle (outer) and area around the Achilles is sore—feels like it has a crick in it. This morning a friend pointed out some swelling below the ankle, no bruising at all and it doesn’t hurt to walk on it; it’s only noticeable when I walk down stairs. My medical insurance is a nightmare to navigate so I’d like to avoid a doc but will go if there’s real need. Any thoughts on what I did and if this will go away on its own? Many thanks!
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Sprained ankle, stay off it. Mine swelled up like a grapefruit and I freaked out for a minute, then I figured it's a sprained ankle common injury no big deal. I taped it up and used crutches for a while, no doctor.
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Rest Ice Compression Elevation. If you're walking on it, my guess is a strain, not a sprain, but nobody is really qualified to diagnose in cyberpace.
Keep in mind that sprained or strained ankles can cause a significant loss of proprioception, so be sure to do some balance exercises when you start to heal.
Welcome to Epic!
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Thanks, all! The leg gave out last nite on the stairs, so I sent it to the doc this morning. 3 xrays and lots of poking later, the diagnosis is a bad sprain, nothing torn, just need to rest it, and then start to exercise it in a few days. Appreciate all the advice: hope it's ready to go back in the boot in a week!
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Shoot, guys -- I didn't think a sprain (in my case, a re-sprain) was in the cards while the ankle is wrapped up tight in a ski cast, er, boot.

I sprained mine badly nearly three years ago, an just this past weekend for the first time it's been bothering me. I blamed it at first on a bruised ankle bone, but although it hasn't swollen, I think I'm dealing with a minor sprain.
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The saga continues. The radiologist read the xrays and decided there was fluid in the joint, more trauma than originally thought. Off to the orthopod next week. Bummer.
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Don't assume that an ankle injury is "just a sprain". I've had Osteo Chondritis Dessicans of the talus for about 2 yrs now. Don't allow them to settle for the xray and rest routine. Insist on an MRI and find the best orthopod you can. Medicine today is less about healing you and more about avoiding lawsuits and containing the costs of the insurance companies. You have to take responsibility for getting the best care you can find.
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Originally Posted by SugarCube
3 xrays and lots of poking later, the diagnosis is a bad sprain, nothing torn, just need to rest it, and then start to exercise it in a few days. Appreciate all the advice: hope it's ready to go back in the boot in a week!
Impossible to say that nothing is torn on X ray. A normal Xray with no soft tissue swelling makes it unlikely but I've seen normal X rays with MRI demonstrating fractures and other injuries. However, depending on who is ordering the MRI (orthopedist versus general practitioners), most ankle MRIs are negative* and the ankle seems incredible resilient unlike the knee.

*Or me and my colleague are missing injuries! :
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Happy ending

Orthpod--a fellow athelete/skier--gave me a clean bill of health as nothing was torn. Some isometric exercises to strengthen the peroneal tendons and good advice about wearing shoes that help reduce foot pronation, and I'm good to go. He also recommended icing the area after regular workouts. Thanks to all for the advice and the encouraging PMs!
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My ankles are pretty bad. In the course of different athletic endeavors, I tore ligaments in my left ankle twice while in my 20's, and broke and dislocated the right one in my early 30's (I have a plate and 3 screws as a souveniers). For most of the past 20 years, I've had to tape one or both ankles for anything more athletic than walking across the lawn, except for skiing, where my boots have provided sufficient support by themselves. At no time have my ankles have ever bothered me during or after skiing (except maybe if I did something really stupid like a jump with a hard flat landing). I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like you might have a boot fitting issue. Just my 2 cents.
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