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Short, fast women skis

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Hmm. No one seems to have an answer about how my daughter can demo with a 259 boot sole length (it's a junior boot). But I would like to hear opinions about short skis for her. She is 5'1" and weighs 100 lbs. Ability- maybe inter-advanced? Can ski everywhere but goes moderate speed in uneven terrain & trees. She currently skis a Salomon X-Scream 7Lite 152mm. OK for all mountain, but has a definite speed limit. She would like a faster ski for hard snow that is reasonably light.

I am curious what people would suggest. A short Volkl gamma ski, but which one and what length? A skicross style would be ideal, but I am not sure if the Atomic SX-7 in 150mm is right. Does she need a "woman's ski?"

And still she weighs so little, are junior skis out of the question? I would think a good junior race skis with forward mounted bindings might work also.
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I would definitely have her consider a junior ski like the Atomix SX:11 Jr (there are others, of course), given her weight and the fact that she's in junior boots, too. Women's skis like the Fischer RX4 or S300 would also be appropriate. If you are skiing an area with a reasonable demo selection, she should be able to get on a pair of women's skis. Where are you skiing?
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