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Just wanted to say a quick hi!!

I found this forum when I was looking for reviews of skiis as I am looking at buying a slalom ski (I bloody broke the binding on my gs atomics the other day - but I guess that's a good excuse to buy some new gear even where i get a new binding for free.. ).

Anyway... congratz to your forum guys.. it's very helpful and has a great atmosphere... keep going that way!!

p.s don't be to harsh on my english as i am austrian..
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Do Austrians have senses of humor?

Cuz' this ain't funny.

Welcome anyway.
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Flash to John Candy in Trains and Cars etc. movie ...

.... the one where he is on the road making the drinking gesture ....

Well, he is from Austria. Could loose something in the translation or topic interpretation?

But he is right in the long run. AC & DC do a nice job!
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