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Ski constructing?

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How do ski manufacturers shape the side cut on skis?
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And of course there are clear physics upon which to base the initial designs, which they then refine through the testing.

The books "The Physics of Skiing" and "Ski Mechanics" are two of the best resources for seeing exactly how sidecut, torsional and longitudinal flex, binding placement and etc effect ski function.
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But I wana know how the make/form the sidecut on to the ski!
I aske because I'm trying to find a wide and totaly or as straight as possible ski to use for kite skiing, That involves really deep carving in a straight line propelled by a kite, the world record is around 130 km/h, f.ex. above 100km/h a ski with 60m side cut radius gets nervous, so a totaly staight ski must be the best, and it must be at least as wide as the boot to avoid boot drag,
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Again, how about speed skis? They are designed for much higher speeds that you can attain with a kite (current record: 248.105 km/h)- and are quite straight.

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I'm still out of my element ( hasn't stopped me yet) but...

Reading both of Gunnar's threads I understand he wants a straight ski or very little side cut. And, although speed skis may be straight enough, they are too long and/or heavy for his needs. The Speed Skiing web page lists Atomic as being "very popular". I would think skis for kite skiing and speed skiing are bothe "specialty items" (limited market). Perhaps Gunnar should contact Atomic directly and see if they are willing to make a few pair of shorter speed skis? What speed ski do the women use? Are they shorter than the 240-245 the men are using?

Just random thoughts...
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Yeah - as far as "constructing sidecut": you can't construct sidecut (or lack of it) as seperate process from constructing the ski.

If one wants skis based on technology even faintly modern (last 30 years) this is a big undertaking, the ski presses and such are no small thing.
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Is it easyer to build sandwish then cap skis?
Do they use the same kind of mold,
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Cap skis are cheaper & easier to construct.
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I would still suggest contacting a company that is already building similar "specialty" skis (Atomic) to see what they might have in the back room.

Gunnar- What ski are other kite skiing competitors using?
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You may find a small manufacturer such as http://www.odysseyskis.com more approachable. Especially so if they believe they can find a niche in this speciallty market, and I would approach them from this angle.
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Gunnar- What ski are other kite skiing competitors using?[/QB]
Som use straight old skiis, works on hard snow, most of the god ones use wider twin tips like Rossignol xxx, I have orders a pair of 165 Volkl Explosives for jumping.
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Gunnar, I would think that the Rossi XXX would be a very good choice. They are light yet stable and also 'substantial' feeling. Those are hard qualities to achieve in one piece of equipment.

Are you a kite sailor as well ? I'm in the Columbia River Gorge where there is a 20 knot breeze by noon just about every day. The kite sailing capital of North America. Guy's are alnding some incredible airs on those kites!
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