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Where to demo?

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I would like to demo the Head iXRC 800's, Fischer Rx8's and Volkl 5*, preferably at the same place (one after the other, same conditions).

I cannot find a mountain in the Catskills, Berkshires or southern VT that demos Heads and Fischers. Does anyone know of a place?

Scott K.
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It's quite a hike from southern CT, but Bristol Mountain in the Finger Lakes region of New York has a Ski Magazine sponsored demo center which I believe has all three of those skis that you are interested in trying out in their demo fleet. If you're that interested in demoing, you could make a weekend out of it. The weather in upstate New York is really nice this time of year .
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Wachusett Mountainside Ski shop has all of those skis on the demo rack. http://www.wachusett.com/ski_shop/mountainside/

I think you can pay for either a 1/2 day or full day demo and change skis as much as you want. Don't know for sure, always call to get the current policy.

There big sales are starting right now. Also, the crowds are starting to thin out.

Only downside to demoing at Wa is there isn't anything harder then a moderate black. Still I think you could get a good impression of an East coast ski there.
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Oh, here's the demo rate-- http://www.wachusett.com/ski_shop/demo_center/
$35 for full day sounds like a no-brainer when 1/2 day would be $30.

See me PM/email for more info.
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