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Brianhead death

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Investigators say employee was killed when caught in machinery

Monday February 21, 2005
BRIAN HEAD, Utah (AP) A Brian Head Resort employee killed this weekend while operating a lift at the resort's Snow Tubing Park has been identified as 18-year-old Kathleen Downward.

The woman was killed about 8 p.m. Saturday after becoming entangled in the lift machinery she was operating, investigators said Sunday.

Downward originally was from Kanab and was living in Enoch with her sister. It was her first season working at Brian Head Resort.

``Her death has affected the entire community greatly,'' said Gary Bulloch, Brian Head public safety director. ``It has certainly affected this (resort) and the employees and, perhaps, Enoch and Kanab as well.''

Craig McCarthy, Brian Head Resort director of marketing, said Downward was the first employee at the 40-year-old resort to die on the job. The resort has about 300 employees.

``This has been devastating to the employee base at Brian Head Resort. Our hearts go out to her family, who must also be devastated,'' McCarthy said.

The snow tubing park will be closed for investigation until further notice.

Information from: The Spectrum, http://www.thespectrum.com/cgi-bin/altopen.pl?section=top&startup=1

I ound thestory at www.kutv, under thier videio section. It involved a rope tow, that they used to pull up inner tubes on the tubing hill
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Holy Shit! How does that happen?
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If something gets tangled in a rope tow rope, it's pretty hard to get it untangled, especially if you're getting close to where the rope goes into machinery and you panic. Typically, it's something like a neckscarf. Used to happen a lot in the days when tow ropes were the main means of uphill transport.
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