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Season Lease

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My local ski shop has a very attractive season lease deal on Volkl V1 skis. I'm a true beginner, got comfortable with linking turns last year on very easy greens. I'm 5'7", 160 lbs. and will use these on packed powder (aka ice) in the east. Just wondering if these skis should be considered. Don't worry about the lease terms, I can handle that. Its the ski that I'd like comments on. (If it matters, my boots are Salomon Performa 7s with custom footbeds) Thanks!
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Sounds like a great option for you. If you are planning on skiing a fair amount of time...more that 10 times...go for it. Remember, you are a beginner only once and for a short time. Something to think about: Ask if they have an upgrade policy...if you decide to purchase new skis.. whill the rental price be applied to the purchase? If you want to change lengths during the year, can you? I know you said "Don't worry about the cost" well if it is around 150 or more... Take a look on Ebay.. I have gotten Volant SuperKArve and PowerKarve demos with binding for 150/pr. There are alot of Volkls, K2's and Salomons to choose from.

BTW, where in PA are you? And where do you plan on skiing?
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I'm in the Harrisburg area. The lease deal definitely looks good to me for the Volkl V1s from what I've read. The shop's upgrade policy is, if they have it in their leasing stock, no problem. Seems fair enough to me. I have to check on whether the lease is applied to a purchase, but I'm not buying this season anyway.

I'll be learning at Roundtop, but looking for skiing all over the area. We have a season pass deal that works at Roundtop, Whitetail and Liberty. Whitetail is only about an hour or so away and is probably the best of the three. But I'm off to Colorado in February and who knows where else depending on snowfall. So the lease deal is definitely the way to go.

Thanks for your comments. I was mostly interested in whether the V1s would be a good ski to be using. All the stuff I've read say it is! (BTW...great little ski shop for being in south central PA!)
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In order to answer your question honestly and completely we nee more info. What are the othe skiis available to you on your lease? You said you just stated linking turns are these a skided turn whith your skis parrallel or are they in a wedge. Relativly speaking are you timid, average or agresive.
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The Volkl carver line is what is available for lease. Based on my status as a beginner, height (5'6") and weight (160 lbs), the V1 is the recommended model. I am average in terms of how I'd approach a slope. Last year, I was linking turns in parallel on sedate greens. I still have speed control/stopping issues as well as sudden turns (e.g. the other beginner falling right in front of me). We'll be going with 150s for a couple of weeks and then moving up in length as the skill level improves. That's covered in the same lease. And the price is much less than $150 for skis and poles. Its a good deal.
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Not a bad way to start, but also try to demo other skis later in the season as you improve. If you really like the sport, then it will be time for boots first, if you don't already own them, and if you can swing it, skis. But remember boots are the most important piece of equipment.
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