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Stuff to do in Park City...

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besides skiing...
I'm headed out next Saturday with my local club from NJ for a week to ski PC, Canyons, and prob. Alta/Snowbird.
Wondering if anyone can recommend any tour operators for snowmobiling, horseback riding for me for a non-ski day?

(raprider at yahoo.com)
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Horse back may not be possibel this time of year. there is still alot of snow, even in heber Valley. White Pine touring has cross counry ski track set at the golf course and the Old Barn. There area few snowmoblle operations around Here is a phone number to try ABC reservations 1 800 820 2223 or Daniels Summit lodge about 30 mins from Park city 435 649 5366. You may also want to rent snowshoes for a day. Or take a Hot air Balloon ride. You will find plenty to do on your day off from skiing. You might even want to spend the whole day in the hotub.
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