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Knee Brace Advice

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I've been taping my knee for some added stability...Pretty good can ski 75-80 % of what I usually do ... I'm looking for added stability in a knee brace but one that I can definitly move with as well. Any advice...Im thinking under 100$

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I don't have my brace handy to see what it's make is, but it was made of neoprene and had attachable straps to that would wrap around the back and velcro to the front. It provided great mobility and stability at the same time. I believe the price was around $70-75, but you needed an RX to buy it. I would suggest a visit to an orthopedic specialist that could provide you with the RX as well as the proper size to be fitted to.
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The doctor's visit and brace combined will cost you over $100, unless it is miraculously covered by your insurance. The brace's effect is largely psychological, as it would not provide protection from ACL injury in any meaningful way. Just thought I'd let you know.
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There is an interesting article regarding knee bracing post ACL reconstruction in the Winter 2005 Professional Skier. The bottom line is that there is not ski specific research on this issue. There are some studies being done with football players that indicates knee bracing increases knee stability and may prevent ACLJ ruptures. I disagree that a brace is purely psychological.
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a brace definitely is not PURELY psychological, because there are some braces that distinctly do function as positive stops preventing hyperextension, as well as others that combine some anti-rotation features that are designed to protect the ACL.

a brace cannot be relied upon to protect all knee components 100% of the time, with that much I agree.

and well-trained supporting musculature is WAY better protection than any brace.

but for athletes who want extra caution and are willing to put up with the minor quarrels (muscles prematurely "pump," and quickness usually declines) the brace can provide some minor structural and MAJOR psychological support.

I've worn various iterations of anti-rotation ACL protection braces, ranging from a 1983-era Lenox-Hill custom to a 1999 BREG. I find that well-trained muscles are the best defense, but realistically speaking as one who sometimes has slacked on his PT/fitness, they are a decent safeguard if you are prone to joint injuries.

I am one of those loose-jointed people who is prone to sprains and tears. My last knee injury was a left ACL complete tear in December 1998, repaired in Feb 1999. I skied in the 1999-2000 season with braces on both knees, as it was my first season back on snow since about 1989 and that was only 3 years after a right ACL complete tear and reconstruction, in an era when skiing was at best done 1 year post-op. I skied in the 2000-2001 season for a few days with the left brace, but then quit using all braces completely. I haven't had any knee scares of any sort since returning to skiing in the 1999-2000 season.
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A couple of years back I was on course and on skis for 3 days staight 2 to 2.5 weeks after some snip and run surgery on cartledge in my knee. By the third day things were getting pretty sore. A friend suggested I try his custom brace. Not a full ACL fibreglass brace but more heavy wrap with a hole to stabilize the kneecap. It was a custom job and still cost $300+. Point is it significantly reduced or eliminated the pain I was having. Don't know exactly what the mechanics were that worked but it certainly helped with that. I don't actually have any stability issues in my knee but that cartledge is getting cranky again so the brace is a thought for me as well.
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Try this:


Looks like you can even buy the functional braces without a prescription at this site.

You really need an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist evaluate you and make a recommendation for a brace that would be best. But then buy online and save $$.


PS: For those interested in the ACL bracing debate, here is a list of journal articles that will satisfy your curiosities and cure any insomnia.

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