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I skiied yesterday with a friend who is an ex-racer. He was on Dynastar Troublemakers, with his boots unbuckled, ripping out high speed GS turns on hardpack conditions, faster than I would do on a full race setup. He had more problems in the terrain park, but like I said he was a racer. He's just getting into the park thing, and loves his skis.
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I'll second the vote for the Rossi Scratch Freestyle.

I have a pair (174) and so far they've ripped on the bumps, done great on the groomers, and did great on knee deep pow.

I've actually been skiing on bump skis for a couple of years, and was surprised as to how well these skis, not bump skis, did on the bumps.
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I've been on my Line Darksides now for 2 years, I hammer the crap out of them everywhere, park/pipe, trees, bumps, ice , groomed it doesn't matter, skis great on hard pack, can rip big GS turns or shorter slalom, does like the bigger turns better though. I'm 6' 205lbs and ski it in the 165 length, it is my powder ski, floats well for me in 4"-24" dumps. I picked them up brand new on Ebay last year for under $200.00. I have used this ski more this year than my Elan M12, or Atomic S11 and it is been beaten up worse and I still like skiing it better overall.
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so do u need special twin tip boots? will a pair of salomon performa do?
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public enemy's are good outside of the park, considering it's currently one of the go-to EC all mountain skis.
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Has any one skied next years salomon 1080 FOIL, it looks to be improved over the this years 1080's. It's a little wider under foot. should be good all mountain.

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i have them-- work great in park and all mountain...
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no. you do not need special twin-tip boots.
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Tried the Armada AR5's (170 cm) this Saturday.

The Good: Carving. Surprised how well. Was able to lay down my hip coming around a 90 degree turn.

The Bad: Short Radius anything. No snap in the turns.

The Uglu: Bumps. These skis want you to be standing up in the back seat. I couldn't throw together a line with more than 8 bumps.

Sunday, demoed the Public enemy's (169 cm).

Better in the short radius and bumps, althoug I felt like I had two oars stuck on my feet. Took it cruising as well. Not bad, but some serious chatterat high speeds.

Looking to take the Scratch FS out 1 more time.
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