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Bonni and Skier_j do Colorado - Page 2

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So is Sunday BC or Copper? I don't have tix to Copper but I think my pass covers Beaver Creek. Still seeing if I can make the trip! Hey do I get in touch with you if I can make up Sat/Sun?
post #32 of 55 were the conditions at Vail today? I'm getting itchy at the 2 weeks to go mark.
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Was firm and crusty in the am, nice sugar after it warmed up. Fun day, but Bonni's hip was bothering her a bit.

Perhaps LM or Bonni will give us their impressions later.

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Originally Posted by bong
Was firm and crusty in the am, nice sugar after it warmed up. Fun day, but Bonni's hip was bothering her a bit.

Perhaps LM or Bonni will give us their impressions later.

Thanks. I'll be interested to get the east coast feel for what things were like. You Rocky Mountain guys are all spoiled from skiing all of the "good" snow.
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Coach, I forgot the sunscreen, so I am about the color of Bong's jacket. but i have a smile on my face and tired legs.

What Bong referred to as "firm and crusty" was pretty nice! we dropped into some of that on our way to the back bowl's and although a bit of a bumpy ride, very good snow quality.

As an aside, Bonni will be trying some Burnin Luvs tomorrow. I think part of the hip problem today was fighting a ski that is too far below her ability level and also not too good in the "firm and crusty"

We'll see how that works out! I won't be on the hook for those particular ski's as Bonni doesn't like yellow!
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He's so funny, isn't he?

By Eastern standards, the snow was Perfect! No, wait, it was horrible! It was so WHITE, OMG, and slippery!!! Stay away!

I thought it was a close second to the best stuff I've seen yet out East. Not one complaint, even at the end of the day. Don't dress too warmly, though. It got rather warm about 10 am!!! Come and enjoy, leave your worries on the doorstep, just direct your feet to the sunny side of the....slope.

Yeah, the old dodgy hip got a whacking by the time we got to the back bowls. I'm a candyass. I still had a lot of fun. Tomorrow I'm taking drugs, the hard stuff, leaving Vitamin I alone. I'm not gonna waste this beautiful skiing on a bunch o pain.

I must say, after meeting SCSA, I thought him a gracious, patient, fun, energetic and extremely passionate guy who really does ski better than 99% of us (upgrade on the percent, per Skuzzah) . What's all the flap about?

And faisasy is a natural born athletic skier.....gotta envy him.

Rdy2ski, we're going to Copper on Sunday, with LM and I taking an all day lesson with Mike M. We can meet you for lunch, perhaps? If you're in for tomorrow, I believe we've changed horses and are going to Breckenridge. Catch you later tonight....gotta jet!
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Thanks for the report guys. It sounds like you had a great day.

BTW, we spent a week there last year in early April and learned the "dressing too warm lesson" the first day.

Thanks again and safely enjoy the rest of your trip.
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Sounds fantastic. I'm pea green with envy, although I have to say that Ontario snow is pretty damn good right now, a few hundred feet just isn't the same.

Hi to all!
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Thanks to Bonni, Skier_J, LM, MarkXS, Bong, and SCSA (especially for a great guided tour!) for an awesome day at Vail (even though we got separated in the afternoon!). Here are some pics:

LM and SCSA:

LM showing us proper form ("I can do this with my eyes closed!"):


Lunch at Belle's Camp (L to R): Bonni, Bong, SCSA, Skier_J:

At Belle's Camp (L to R): LM, Skier_J, Bonni, Bong:
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Guys, leave some snow for us!
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Great Pictures Faisasy. Thanks!!!

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Yes, Faisasy, thanks! Wasn't it a bluebird day?
I'll post mine when I get home.

Getting ready to go to Breck today. Wearing sunscreen today (I look like a total tourist gaper).

Got a pair of Burnin Luv's on demo to use today. Yikes! It has to be an improvement! Can't wait to try them.:
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Thanks for a great day! Sorry we lost you guys, but we had to take care of our lowlander friends. I guess I've now been spoiled by the "Big Show." Our Summit County hills seem tiny compared to Vail!

Thanks SCSA for showing us around and thank you Bong for taking over!
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Met Lars and his cousin Robbie last night. It's very nice to put faces to names! Pizza and beer (water for me, heh heh), and good company!!

Day two: what a day again! What we did ski was just as beautiful, and perfect snow. A little weather coming in tonight, but it was a balmy 43 degrees by noon. Just enough wind on the lifts up to cool you down though.

I like the Burnin Luv skis.....they cut through the junk like it wasn't even there. As usual, the body is non-cooperative, so it didn't matter what I was on, I was still struggling.

Bears: Your health is your greatest gift! Never take it for granted. There's so much more you can do with a healthy body. Cherish it if it works reasonably well!:
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Bonnie, LM, Jeff, et al....I plan on going to Copper tomorrow for sure now. Couldn't get away tonight but I'll get an early (real early) start in the morning. Ladies...where can I catch you for lunch?

Bong...left a msg on your phone Jeff, mebbe we can take a few turns while the girls are in lessons? I'm bringing the camera so I hope to see lots of smiles. (Hey Bonni and LM mebbe I can catch you while Mike has you showin the goods)

Anyway...please let me know where/when to meet you guys. Bonne, Bong, LM - I'll pm you my cell phone in case I don't see you back on here tonight.
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Sent you a pm and called. If we don't talk tonite, lets meet inside at the Customer Service Desk behind the ticket office in Center Village at 8:30. OK?

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Thx for the call and pm! I'll see you there!

Rest of gang...hopefully I can catch you in the morning!
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We usually eat at Enzo's at about 12:00. NO PHOTOS WHILE WE ARE IN CLASS!!! We are being videoed tomorrow, and tha's gonna' be hard enogh to look at! Lisa, hope you can stay for the party tomorrrow night.
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Glad to hear you are all having a great time. Yesterday was a bluebird day here too! The snow was great, in fact, so great that I could not resist the urge to ski (even though I am not supposed to be skiing).

Thanks for posting the pictures. It is so beautiful there and you all seem to be enjoying it so much!

Bonni, sorry to hear that your hip isn't cooperating. Glad to hear you liked the skis. If you get a chance, demo a couple other skis too...then you will know which one Jeff should buy you

Hope the rest of your trip is great!
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Bonnie and was great skiing with you today. I had a great time. Heres a couple of pics from the day!

Jeff cruisin down the run

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On the lift (duh)
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Bonni heading down the trail..

And here's me....oh wait, just kidding. Just a shot from the Gravity games

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Enjoyed meeting you all at the Brewery, Bong, Lisa, Bonnie and hubby, wish we could have had more time. I was going in different directions and skiing with my Son was a priority. Putting faces to the chat is nice. Yu're all nice folk.
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Aw, shucks, Lars, so're you!

Next time? Happy we got to chat if even for just a few.
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Back at ya' Lars, plus your cousin is a hottie!

I must make it known publically that Bonni and SkierJ are the best house guests anyone can wish for! Blackcomb, Willow and Giselle already miss ya'!
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