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Binding location

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I asked this before but have found some new information i was wondering what others think. I have K2 Mod X in 181 length with LOOK Pivot 7 bindings. I just got new boots which have a soul length of 298mm and my old boots were 285mm. The shop were i bought the boots looked at my ski's and said remounting is not nessary as the way K2 determines were the toe peice is mounted is there is an arrow on side of ski that says "boot toe" so regardless of boot soul length the toe peice always gets mounted there and then its just a matter of were to mount the rear part of the bindings. No problem with getting the current bindings forward pressure set, BUT if thats the case the bigger the boots the farther the center of the boot gets moved back because of the toe peice always being mounted in the same postion. That seems strange to me but it does say 'boot toe" on the side of the ski with an arrow and my bindings are mounted now so that the toe of the boot lines up with the arrow. Just seems strange that the larger the boot the farther back the center of the boot would be on the ski. Any mounting techs out there that cou;ld set me straight. I have an email I sent to K2 but havent heard back yet.
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Yeah, this is an interesting one. K2 has been a boot toe mount for a while, but thats changing. I have next years Enemys, and they are a mid sole mount, the old ones were boot toe mount. I think I compared my old Enemys to my new ones ,and there was a difference. I don't remember how much, and I gave the old ones away, so I can't measure it.
Sounds like you went up a shell size, this could make a bigger difference than anything else. I would wonder more about the new boots, than the toe mount concept.
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Nothing to worry about the boot size i went from Dabello 25.5 to a Lang V9 25.0 its actually a 25.5 shell as it says 25.5 on the bottom of the boot but says 25.0 on the liner. I special ordered them as no one stocked the smallest size of 25.0 . I did look at alot of differnt boots in 25.0 and even 24.5 and they all had bigger soul lengths than my old Dabello boots.Must be that Dabello has smaller shell soul sizes than most other boots or maybe just the versions i had. ( i had Dabello Carvex boots)
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> I just got new boots which have a soul
> (sic) length of 298mm and my old boots
> were 285mm.

The difference in sole length is 1.3 cm. The difference in location of the center of the boot will only be half of that, or 6.5 mm. That's small enough to be "within the noise" (ie, other differences like ramp angle, cuff forward lean angle, etc. will swamp this change).

I used to have bindings which you could adjust their fore-aft position, and I needed to move them a couple of cm b4 I could tell any significant difference. I doubt you would even feel that 6.5 mm.

Tom / PM
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Interesting question, which has been researched recently at University of Calgary. You may be able to find the published paper. Names on it are Benno Nigg and Hermann Schwameder. In this case Hermann is definitely the most knowledgable author.

Anyway, marks were added years ago to skis by manufacturers as a means of making mounting faster and easier at ski shops. Previously shops had several methods of determining boot position but all involved manually measuring ski. Some manufacturers responded with midsole marks and others with toe marks. Either has problems. As you so rightly said toe marks result in increasingly moving foot backwards as sole length increases. However, midsole marks result in moving foot forward in same scenario. I can tell you as a particiant in the test. I found skis mounted to far back were more difficult to turn. However, skis mounted to far forward were less predictable, tended to hook, dive and in general dart about. However, most participants could not reliably tell difference. I preferred rear mounted skis to front mounted, but prefered manufactured recommended position most.

Can also advise that participating Canadian national team member skied instantly incredibly regardless of position. So importance seems to be more for those of us with lower skill.

Either way I agree with physicsman. The difference we are talking won't be noticed by you beyond the first few turns maybe. After that you will make whatever subtle technique modification is necessary and happily ski
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The true answer is atomic's bindings - you can adjust the position of the boot relative to the ski and find your sweet spot.

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Or, another "true" answer is that hopefully someday all skis will have symmetrical sidecuts (narrowest point dead center by cord length) - like the Elan X-Techs, so that the center of your foot is centered on the ski. I think that tecnique has surpassed technology in this regard, I have lots of skis that I love - but I do think that in this one regard the X-Techs are ahead of their time.
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