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ski length

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I'm aggresive master type 5'10 180lbs.that needs a new GS ski. I am looking for opinions on length. I was on 186cm Fisher GS...three yrs. old. Our GS courses are wide open sreamers.
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Oh, I see how it is... don't listen to my advice, go to the internet instead. My recommendation stands - 178-180. Although if Branson will sell you his, I'd do it (183)
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What's a sreamer? :
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Originally posted by U.P. Racer:
What's a sreamer? :
That should read a screamer as in Rico...I forgot your recommendation....I was going to call you..I heard you went to 183s.....Wendy said 173-178....I'm stuck between getting a 175 or 180 or a 176 or 181? later dj
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I know of a pair of Atomic B.Race 920's in 190 with 4-12 bindings mounted already , these things are in premo condition and might be what your looking for. Get back to me or try and hook up with "L7" on this site but don't wait long .
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DJ, Try out Christies P50 from last year before you make a decision. You might be awfully surprised how stable a 173 can be. Will you be out Saturday morning?
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Shorter is faster, period. Don't believe the longer is more stable, faster and other old school BS. I'm with Wendy.
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Wendy is usually right on. SLATZ, you know DJ, what do you think?
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