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Atomic for 2006

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I've heard that Atomic is discontinuing the Carve line and coming out with something new for 2006. I think its called Izorb or Isorb.

Anyone know about this and if so, can you tell me where I can find out more, please?


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Gosh, as with most, ski companies are all about fashion and marketing. "Carve" has become a 4-letter word in ski marketing. I am sure the C: series will be renamed something else, but Atomic will continue to make a narrow waisted ski. A rose by any other name.
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There isn't a ton of info out yet about the Izor line. Doing a Google search just comes up with the blurb from the LV ski show.

"Atomic Ski introduces the idea of modern day science to its newest line - the Atomic Izor. Geared toward the intermediate skier who likes to carve, the Izor model is comprised of nano-enhanced materials which can be up to 50 times stronger and lighter than steel. Nanotechnology allows for the same ski construction throughout each models, but depending on the molecular mix, the flex and torsion of each ski is regulated for different performance characteristics. "Simply put, Nanoframe skis perform better and last longer," commented Matt Miller, vice president of marketing for Atomic Ski. "No wonder the next big thing in skiing is small".

I know a few ski store employees who skied on the Izor 9:7s at Stratton and they loved them.

They are marketed toward intermediates but I guess they perform well enough for an advanced to expert skier depending on your skiing style.

I may be able to demo them next month.
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Thanks Scalce

Wow! Nanotechnolgy comes to skiing. What will they think of next?
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Is it eye-zore or izer (like visor)?
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Atomic really finished the former Beta Carv, later C: line, and introduces four IZOR models
all 132-168 cm, radiuses 12-16 m
IZOR 9:7 and 7:5: 116-72-102/168/16 m
IZOR 5:3 and 3:1: 114-68-98/168/16 m
It´s interesting that these skis have the prominent place in the catalog, even before the "race" skis (which are, as we know, no longer real race skis)
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