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I went to Dodge ridge last wednesday and took a two hour private followed by demoing 3 pair of skis. I will post my reviews of the skis later. Here I just want to relate my experience on the "new" skis. First off, after talking to ski salesman and reading posts here and elsewhere I had this feeling these new skis would be real squirrelly, and that I would need to be more "alert" on them. I also thought they would take a couple days to get used to. That is NOT the case. Although they do not like to be skied perfecly flat(i.e. with no edge), they are still very easy to ski. You need to stay forward on them, but they will forgive you if you slip up a little and get back on the ski.They turn real easy and handle speed very well considering the short lengths. I thought I needed a soft ski in the bumps, but because they are skied so short, you do not need the soft ski. I felt just as comfortable in the bumps with the stiff GS ski in the shorter length as I did on my old RD Coyote softs in 195cm. Overall I had a fantastic time and quickly fell in love with the new skis. Don't be hesitant if you are considering getting back into skiing or are thinking of making the switch to the new skis. They are great. Only problem now is I 've added about 10 other pairs of skis to my demo wish list.