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SLC Questions - DV, Cottonwood Canyons Bus, Canyon Sports

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Heading to SLC on Saturday Feb 26 for 4 glorious days of skiing and I have a few last-minute questions:

We plan on heading straight to Deer Valley from the airport (we land a little before 9:00 am) and was wondering if there will be any issue with DV maxing their capacity that day? I don't want to get there only to find out we need to go somewhere else due to maximum number of skiers already there. Also, where would be the best place to park at DV?

We are planning on heading to Alta Monday Feb 28 and Solitude Tuesday Mar 1. Since our car rental isn't a 4WD SUV, will we be required to take the UTA bus into the Cottonwood Canyons? If so, will the bus stops at the base of the Cottonwood Canyons likely be crowded on a weekday morning? If so, any recommendations as to the best place (and time) to get on the bus? (We are staying in Sandy, but want to minimize our bus time, if we can't take our car into the canyons.)

We are going to buy discounted lift tickets at Canyon Sports. Can we buy lift tickets for all of the days at once, or do you have to go in each day to buy that day's ticket?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Parking is no prob at DV. Just pull up to the curb at Snow Park Lodge, they'll take care of your skis and direct you to the nearest parking where the shuttle will be waiting. They don't sell out very often on non-holidays - if they do, just go back 5 minutes to PCMR, or 10 minutes to Canyons. I highly recommend Snowbasin. We were there Wed. 2/16 - 2000+ acres and only 800 skiers total. We skied DV Sunday 2/13 and I'm guessing 4 or 5 thousand skiers. Snowbasin is fantastic. Well worth the drive. Did Alta on Thursday 2/17 - fantastic! Can't help you re: the bus - but the drive up LCC is awesome. We had no problem parking at Alta. Have fun!
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Here's the deal with driving up LC Cannyon. It will only be a problem if it is snowing or is forecasted to snow. Don't make the mistake MANY tourists make by getting caught up at Alta in a raging storm (clear in the AM, Nuking in the PM). Just use common sense and you'll be fine.

The lots shouldn't fill up unless there's a big storm. Anyway, there are several other places to catch the ski bus up to Alta/Snowbird Brighton/Solitude so if the rare chance that the bus lot a the mouth fills up, you can still catch the bus. Just google "ride UTA ski bus" and you find all the info you need.

EDIT: Did the search for you...

AS for you question regarding Canyon sports and tickets, I know an Alta employee must cary the tickets down to them, so I'm guessing you can by multiple days (as they wouldn't want to do that every day)

Good luck and have fun out here. The skiing has been great this past week.

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I think DV will be able to squeeze you in. They participate in the free afternoon skiing program if you have your am boarding pass and the form, so I think they must issue a lift ticket for that day.

Definitely drive to Snowbird. After my last experience with the UTA bus crowd, I'd rather drive somewhere else than deal with the bus.

Canyon Sports sells as many advance day tickets as you need. Keep your receipt in case you want to exchange them for a different ski area. They will not refund any tickets though.

Have a great trip.
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btw the "Quick Start" program -- lift pass for boarding pass -- is only valid November 13 – December 23, 2004, January 3 – February 15, 2005 and March 28 – April 10, 2005.
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