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Nordica vs Dynastar vs Elan vs Fischer

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I'm looking to get new skis, but looking for a bit of input. I live near Crystal Mtn. so do most of my skiing there..when there's snow. About one month ago I went to a demo and the skis that seemed best to me that day were: Nordica Speedmachine 14 /170, Dynastar Legend 8000/172, and Solomon Hot 175. I realize that these are different types of skis, and I'm looking to find something that I could use most of the time. I'm 59, about 5'8" and 175 #. Last winter I took up the sport after a few years break, and found that the new equipment has really improved the fun factor, along with the improved grooming, etc. Last year I bought some Dynamic xr 17/170's and they are a fair ski, but not very good at higher speeds. More of an intermediate ski. I ski mostly on the groomed or fresh snow, find that my knees don't like a lot of moguls, but I like to go pretty fast with the larger turns. I really liked the Nordicas and the Dynastars, haven't tried Elans, K2, or Fischers. This is a great site by the way!!!! Any ideas???
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If you liked the Nordica Speedmachine 14 you just have to demo the 2006 Nordica Top Fuel. I am a demo junkie and this is the best overall ski I have ever been on. Its dimensions are: 123/78/108(16m turning radius) wood core race construction. This ski does it all-short,medium, long turns--slow or fast--and does it ever carve. Also good in the crud and powder. I am 65 years old, 5-11 and 225 lbs. level 8 skier. Ski mostly in the East on groomers. It doesn't seem possible but this ski feels like a cross between a bulldozer and a Porche!! Great confidence booster.
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If you're interested in a very capable carver, you might want to look at the Fischer RX-8 - I just got some @ 170cm (me= 6'1" 195 lbs. level 8) and they are very fun, responsive, skis that justify the great reviews they have gotten. They turn faster and sharper than my Volkl Supersport 5-stars (which I still think highly of) and are a good balance to my "all-mountain" slash light powder ski, the Salomon Xtra Hots.
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Elan M666 Fusion is a VERY good all mountain ski for someone who likes crud and offpiste and skis that stuff as much as, or more than, on-piste.

For someone who spends more time on-piste than off, the Elan S12 Fusion is a good choice.

I also like Fischer skis and would suggest the BigStix 7.6 as an excellent one-ski quiver that will carve like mad on the groomers and hard snow and ice, but bust crud and float reasonably well in powder. Very energetic ski, likes speed. If you're a big person, try the BigStix 8.0 as it's a sandwich/sidewall construction ski similar to the 7.6 in application & purpose but slightly wider at waist and a twin tip profile.

Dawgcatching runs a ski shop in Oregon and has the Elans and Fischers that I've mentioned on sale right now, EXCELLENT prices. See here for Fischer prices.

See here for Elan prices.
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Thanks for the input so far. I was wondering if Nordica would be coming out with a fatter model of their suv, and I also read somewhere that Head skis for next year are improved. Is it a good idea to wait and see, or is now a good time to invest for next season? Snow has been in real short supply in this area. Will Fischer and Elan be coming out with new offerings? I still haven't tried K2 Recons which seem to be a popular ski for this area(at least the axis xp was a good one) I also really liked the Dynastar legend 8000, what else compares to that ski. Unfortunately due to lack of snow, etc. the demo days are done for this area. I tried the Fischer Rx6 on a demo and wasn't impressed(may have been the tune?) also tried the Volants..smooth but rather unresponsive. Have not tried the others.
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Come on down to Bend-we have plenty of snow! I can set you up with demos in many of the skis you are interested in....
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Is that where your shop is located in Bend? What lines do you carry? How does your demo program work? Do you carry the Nordica line along with the Elan and Fischer skis I've noticed you've sold elseware on this site? I would really like to be able to compare the 2006 Nordica Hot Rods to Fischer Rx 8 or 9, and Elan skis. That's why I was asking whether I should wait till the 2006 models come out. So far the only lines I've heard of that will be changing (other than graphics) have been Nordica and Head.
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Can anyone give me an opinion on the comparison between a Nordica speedmachine, and Nordica suv skis? Which would be better for northwest conditions(when there is snow)? How would these compare with Elan models M666 and S12? And also the comparison between Fischer Rx8 and Rx9's Does the fact that I would be skiing out west (mainly Crystal Mtn.) make any difference in choices? One other ski I really liked was the Dynastar Legend 8000. Looking for tips and advice.....Should I look for the 2004/2005 models or wait till the 2005/2006 ones?
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I was on some 168 cm Elan S12s and some some 165 cm Elan SXs today. The SXs sucked big time, but that may have been because of a bad tune (chime in if you know otherwise); they had no edge grip. They were slipping when I was just skating to the lift. It was almost impossible to carve with them. I brought them back and got some S12s. As far as flex is concerned they worked ok, once I figured out that I had to squat down to absorb the energy in the last part of the turn instead of overpowering them. I'm used to Long beefy skis with sharp edges, so I was overloading these before I realized that there was anything to absorb.

The S12s were much better; they must have been sharper. Both skis (all 4?)felt solid and smooth under foot; the SXs just had no bite. Circumstances prevented me from getting the SXs up to speed, but I was able to explore the S12s's limits a little more. They are a wonderful ski at slow to medium speeds. At higher speeds they felt a bit wobbly trying to go straight. Shifting the weight back and forth did not prevent them from wanting to turn ALL the time. Kept on edge at high speed they were fine, but not in their element.

Bottom line, IMO the Fischer RX8 puts these Elan skis to shame.
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