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Waxing (Twin) Tips

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So I just waxed my skis for the first time. I have a freshly purchased pair of Public Enemies. For the record, this is the first time I have ever tuned/waxed a pair of skis. I had an ex-racer friend help me out, but he may be a little out of date with tuning, also not sure quite how much he remembers. I lack a vise so could not set skis up perfectly. My question is, how far up the tips does the wax need to be good? Skiing in the Midwest, I don't see much powder, which is the only condition I can think of where the tips are really used. It was hard to get the wax on good'n even up there, especially with the PE's little "K2 .45" studs in them. If anyone has any advice for getting those, I'd appreciate it. Oh, I'm headed to Jackson Hole in two weeks, do I need to worry about the waxing more then?

Thanks guys.
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Skis only need to be waxed up to the contact points or alittle above that.

No need to go all the way to the tip.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Skis only need to be waxed up to the contact points or alittle above that.

No need to go all the way to the tip.
In powder and crud the contact point is all the way to the tip. I wax the entire bases of my V-Pros and Pocket Rockets.
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If you're not skiing between now and Jackson Hole, no need to worry about re-waxing. If you are, it depends on how much, how fast, and snow conditions. Some like to wax after every day, I usually do every other, depending on the factors listed above.
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i just wax mine to where they start to bend up, and dont contact teh snow cause im lazy.... and dont brass brush the bullets cause then all the shinyness goes away.
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Waxing the entire base will protect it. Why not do the whole thing?
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The tips do not get abraded nearly as much as the base even when skiing in powder.

You are not generating enough heat from friction to strip wax from it.

The tips do not control the glide or pivot point of a ski. The contact point to contact point is where most of the damage occurs.

In the East or Midwest it is pointless to wax all the way to the tip.

If you want to do it go ahead. It doesn't hurt the ski.

Race techs do not wax all the way up to the tips because they know it is pointless.
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I think Scalce is about dead on. I usually wax up a little past the contact point. There's no harm in waxing up as far as you feel like.

I wouldn't lose sleep about it either way.
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are you REALLY asking this question? because if you are, you should be embarrassed.

do you ask how often to inhale, how often to pee, etc?
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actually Gonzo, I still do ask the kindergarten teacher to use the bathroom. It's the polite thing to do.
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