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Din for B5/NEOX 614

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I just received my 172 B5's, and wonder what DIN is best for me. Intermediate, 49yrs old, 6'4", 235lbs. Ski groomers, some powder, rather keep my limbs in one whole piece than ski moguls real hard. My old 183 K2 Black Magics/Solomon 850's were set at 5, and seemed just right - stayed on, wxcept when they needed to be off...
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If your previous DIN setting was 5, why would you buy bindings that don't go below 6? Sounds like you may have bitten off more ski than you can chew, too. :
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Maybe so, but when I demo'd them, I loved them. The reason I got 614's was they came with them - used skis... So, are you saying I should ski them at 6, or is there a number that makes better sense based upon data, not my psychological frame of mind?
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There are charts out there that are used as guidelines. Try "ski DIN chart" on Google.
You need to know the boot sole length, which is usually somewhere on the side of the heel.

If you are not aggressive, 'type II' in the chart should be about right.
Looks like that would be 6 or more for you depending on your boot sole length.
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I weigh 140lbs. and my DIN is set at 7 1/2. My bindings come off when they need to. For instance, 2 yrs. ago, they came off once I hope to go another 2 yrs. till the next time they come off.

6 seems really low for your weight.
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A 412 would have been a better binding choice for you. Also, remember, next year, your DIN will drop "1" when you hit 50 :

BTW, where are you located?
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Check the chart or go into the shop and have them setup. 5 Seems insanely low for 235lbs. I can twist out of 5 on Salomon's standing still (I'm 5'10 185).
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A few thoughts:

- DIN is a standard. It isn't supposed to be vary from one binding model to another, and certainly not from one ski model to another. It may vary from individual binding to binding, a little (one hopes), but unless you actually have somebody test the binding, you wouldn't know that. The setting could also be inaccurate if the binding is misadjusted (e.g. if the forward pressure is insufficient, the binding may release more easily than indicated by the DIN setting), or if your boot is damaged or really old (e.g. if the lugs of your boot are misshapen due to wear, it could make the binding release either more easily or less easily than indicated by the DIN setting).

- As noted, the piece of data you're missing to use a standard chart is boot-sole length. On the DIN chart I'm looking at, you could get 5-3/4 as the recommended Type I setting if you've got a really long boot sole.

- If 5 worked for you with one set of bindings, it should work on another (unless the old bindings or new bindings were out of spec, which -- again -- you can't tell without having a ski shop test them). If they're not prematurely releasing, there's no reason to set them higher.

- If you want to explore the issue fully, you might take both your old and your new skis in and have a shop test both of them. Whether this is worth the effort and cost, I don't know.

- I can twist out of bindings set at 9 standing still (this is higher than I usually set them).

- Since the bindings you have don't go below 6, you have two choices: (i) set them at 6, which (as compared to your existing skis) should reduce the likelihood of premature release and increase the likelihood of injury (assuming both are in spec and properly adjusted) or (ii) get new bindings. If you get new ones, it's preferable to get something where you're fairly close to the middle of its DIN range. I'm not sure, but I'd guess the Neox 310 would fit the same holes, so you wouldn't have to re-drill the ski.
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Thanks all - I appreciate the advice. Phil, I'm in northern Japan, alot of great snow this year!
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Originally Posted by commok
Thanks all - I appreciate the advice. Phil, I'm in northern Japan, alot of great snow this year!

Too bad, if you happened to be close to me, I would have swapped some new 412's with you.
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