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Women Skis for Vertically Challenged

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I've looked thru all the female ski threads and the info has been invaluable. I'm 4ft 10 and just under 100 lbs. The ski dealers I've met have sized me as vertically challenged but in proportion. I'm a Step 6-7 and ski with a club where everyone is continually improving. I want a one-quiver ski. I don't see too much powder, but a lot of crud.
Any suggestions for a ski. Some have suggested a junior race ski, but apparently there are limitations with the turn shape.

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Jr. or Sr. Skis


My gf is 5'0 98 lbs. She's in the same boat. We couldn't find a shop that would demo a junior ski. We've heard good things about the K2 women's skis, but they start at 153cm and Karen likes a shorter ski. Hopefully someone on the forum will offer some good suggestions. Finding boots was hard enough :-).

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My wife is 5ft and skis a 144cm Stockli slalom junior and loves it. Its light, has great edge hold and is not at all a wimpy ski like a lot of other junior models. She does ski only groomers and this ski does have a 10m radius. It is definatley not "all mountain", but it does handle crud and it does have a pretty wide tip. If you're a level 6-7 you would probably get much more out of it, but demoing it is out of the question.
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152 legend exclusive
152 legend 8000
my wife is your size and she skis those in crud
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It amazes me that manufacturers don't pay more attention to scaling skis down for smaller people. That said, Salomon has a few things that might make sense. The Scrambler 8 Pilot comes in a 145. It is one of the newer All Mountain-Slalom shapes. It would actually be a fair bit of ski, but very versatile. Both the Teneighty and Seventwenty come in 151. Lots of people like these for all around use. Because they are twin tips they will ski more like a 145. The Seventwenty is softer and might make more sense for a really light person. Some of the Volkl womens' skis sneak just below the 150 mark. As does the Atomic Metron Balanze (but it is positioned well down line from the other Metrons). The K2 women's skis (apparently well loved) are not that much longer. Also, as others have noted, some research into junior skis could make sense. I'm not sure which models they use, but I know of some smaller women who are very good skiers that are indeed on top quality junior skis.
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Atomic makes a nice Balance 11 in a 148.
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First off---Welcome to Epic

I have a friend that is your height and weight and skis Volkl just for the reason you hit on. I think as someone stated also here that k2 has womans models below 160.

In general K2 is not as well recognized as a ski that does well on Ice. You didn't post where you ski, but if it't typically hard snow/ice---the Volkls may work better.

Adopt my friends motto----"no matter how much new snow there is, when your my height, EVERY DAY is a powder day !"
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Hi, Wendy. Sorry I can't recommend brands for you, but I've just been through the ski buying dilemma myself and I know it can be very confusing. I myself am not short, but my 26 year old daughter is, she's just 5ft tall. She's a new skier - had skied one time with lessons and hated it. I couldn't understand that, as she's a former gymnast in great condition and loves adventure, physical challenge and speed. So I took her skiing, worked on connnecting wedge turns, and after 1 run down the bunny hill we went to the top of the mountain and did novice runs non-stop all day, with her falling only once. She now proclaims she's going to be a pro racer (tongue firmly in cheek). At her height, she skied on shaped 145cms all day, and loved the skis. I'm taller, 5'7", ski at about the same ability as you, and my new skis are 160cm. I had tried several shaped 160s and felt comfortable, but my new Rossi Bandits are stiffer and I think I could have gone down to 155s if I wanted to. The nose height suggestion for our level is a good starting guide, but the sidecut and flex may be a determinant in whether you would ultimately prefer the ski a little longer or shorter. Your light weight may have you preferring a softer ski - less work to carve. These days demoing is the only way to know for sure, but it can be hard to find the ladies' skis your looking for. Good luck!
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Hi - I'm around the same size as wecc04 and Sparty37's wife (5'1", 105) and I second Arby's suggestion about junior slalom skis, especially if you ski on groomed slopes and ice. I have a pair of the rossignol 9S racing in 140 cm, and they're ideal for what I want at the moment. They do indeed hold an edge well, and are a very lively little ski. It was between these and a Fischer slalom jr (143 cm, I think), and though for various reasons I wound up with the rossis, I bet I'd have been equally pleased with the fischers.

That said, I bet you'd also be happy with adult skis in the 150-152 range. I've skied the unisex elan s8 in that length quite a bit, and really enjoyed it - and also elan's M10 (last year's) and the Whisper 8, which skis very much like the M10 but is a lighter version for women. Something like those two would be a better choice if you are more interested in an all-mountain ski. And of course the obvious advantage of the adult skis is that you can demo them. (A maybe less obvious advantage of junior equipment is that it is remarkably inexpensive compared to adult skis and boots.)
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Wendy, I am 5'2". I bought the Volkl Gamma Superstars this season in 147. They have been good in a variety of New England conditions (no deep powder). I was using K-2's in 153 before. I like the shorter length of the Volkl's much better.
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