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New England, President's Day Weekend

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I skied Cannon Mt. (New Hampshire) this President's Day Weekend.

As everybody who has ever skied New England knows, there are days here that really make you wonder why -- days that are so bad in every sense of the word that finding a redeeming value in this sport seems impossible.

Suffice it to say, this weekend was one of those times that makes you realize why you put up with the bad. When it is good, oh my oh my, is it GOOD. And you appreciate it that much more because of the crappy conditions we normally have.

Friday afternoon a storm visited Cannon. Apparently not many other places benefited, as Lincoln (to the south) and Littleton (to the north) got pretty much squat. Cannon got about 15". The mountain had the good sense to not touch it on about half the trails. Saturday was bitterly cold (highs in the single digits), but there was no wind and totally cloudless skies. And did I mention the 15" of fluff? The cold was keeping the holiday crowds away so there were hardly any lines. Plus, did I mention the 15" of fluff? This was, quite literally, probably the best day I have ever had on skis in my life. No ice, no crowds, no wind -- 100% pure bliss.

Sunday was colder and the groomers had mowed down most of the remnants of Friday's storm. There were still some sweet soft bumps on the sides of bunches of the trails though, so I spent a good portion of the day practicing my ESA bump training.

And now today (Monday) another storm has moved through. I skied Waterville Valley today as I heard that Cannon might not be benefitting much from the storm. A good 4 or 5 inches fell throughout the day on top of the 2 or 3 that had fallen overnight. For whatever reason, the crowds never showed up today either. Hey, that's more for me!

So, in summary: three days, two powder days, no lift lines, and enough smiles to last me for a long time.
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Due to some family stuff I missed Saturday at Cannon but driving up through the notch Sat night around 10:30 I got off at the Peabody Slopes to scope out the situation. I hadn't heard about the snow Friday, and it wasn't apparent from walking around by the bottom of the Peabody lift. So I decided against Cannon on Sunday. I guess I blew it! I went over to ski the Sherburne trail, it was a beautiful day but the snow sucked!
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I hope something sets up for this weekend or next week. I am going up in the area (North Conway) for the week and will be visiting all the mountains there.
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Friday at Jay no lines good powder and new snow falling all day long, Saturday an OK day at MRG and Sunday a great day at MRG (other than the long lines since the double was down).

All in all 10 consecutive days of eastern skiing, 4 powder days, 1 spring day (no clouds 45F at Jay), and 5 days of good coverage and noting too far below zero.
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You had 15" at Cannon?!!!!

Why dear god why did I waste my time at Loon?/??? AHHHHHHH!!!! Only a few days until Stowe....
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For whatever it is worth we had a pow day Sunday at Windham and the colder temps kept the snow skiable all day every day all week. I even taught a late day "double black" private at 2:30-3:30 pm on thursday and the steep trails were NOT skied off to base even that late on a holiday weekday.
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