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Don't use a lock w. your sportube

Originally Posted by Lostboy
I fly between 50,000-100k each year and often bring along my skis in the winter months. Even though I have a TSA Sport Tube approved lock, I no longer use the Tube for the very reasons you have mentioned. I have had enough experience with how the TSA handles other luggage to risk my skis. It's back to a soft, padded bag with zippers for me. As mentioned above, I try to wrap and tape the tips and tails with hand towels and throw the tape in the bag.
Don't use a lock with your Sportstube. Go to Sportstube.com and it says "New TSA airline regulations recommend against the locking of luggage."

They now sell "Wire Case Pins". You can secure your sporstube, and TSA can open it as many times as they want. You can order them from the link below.

http://sportube.com/pages/parts.htm (item F).

I have used them the last 4 times or so that I have flown, and I've never had any problems. I believe new Sportstube come with them.
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TSA recommends against using unapproved locks that they might have to cut if they can't pick them easily.
But in my experience, TSA approved or not doesn't mean jack. My lock was "TSA approved" and the key was with the lock... They just tossed it away after opening the case. $20 out the window and my hard case was shipped open...
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Ok, then make that 20 feet, and use duct tape

Originally Posted by Lostboy
Imagine you sport tube sliding open because it wasn't properly relocked and your skis falling out at any point along the way from when TSA gets done with them until (hopefully) you pick them up at your destination point. I guess it's a matter of the poison you choose.

The problem for the TSA guys is they have to both inspect and try to get the luggage to the airlines to load on the flight before it departs. It is compounded by the fact that a lot of these folks are not rocket scientists by any stretch and turnover rates are high.

Yes, it is possible for a pair of skis to fall three stories while being loaded on a 747 though I don't think theTube would be much help under those circumstances either. On the other hand, every ski bag or tube needs to be opened and inspected and properly reclosed. Zippers, most people understand. And there a few 747's doing domestic service these days in the USA.
OK, let's make that a 20 feet fall for a 737 then. It's hard to conceive of some idiot not being able to figure out the new lock-less pins that sportube now provides, but I think it is possible to have these things yanked off somehow in the luggage hold. For that reason, I put several pieces of duct tape between the two pieces.

Altho I think sportube is the best on the market available, I agree it could be alot simpler to pack....unless the skis are put in together with bindings facing each other, with the brakes disengaged, and properly strapped, and, then, the interior straps are properly engaged....it doesn't work.

I do agree with a previous post which opined for someone to design and market a piece of luggage that opens and closes with a hinge and latch. If they can do it for golf clubs and cameras, then why not for skis? 3-4 sizes would fit 90% of modern skis.
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