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A while back I posted about buying new skis for my wife (good skier, 42y, 166cm, not too fast all terrain skier, learning carving). My options today are:

1 Atomic B7 150cm
2 Head iC Lightning
3 Blizzard Sigma GS Jr 155cm
4 Rossignol Axiom
5 Salomon Streetracer 8W

In my previous post there was lots of K2 endorsement but I cannot find any good deal on them anywere so I have to forget about those.

The Rossignol Axiom I can get very very cheap, at least half price to anything else on this list. But are they just BS? Atomic B7 looks good to me as well but what if I got a pair of junior GS skis with R=14m. There is a good deal on a pair of 155cm sandwich construction Blizzards! Can she skid those or are they pure carving skis? (I have the Head iSL RD 161cm and I can carve with those without any problems.) The Streetracer is pritty awsome looking with its wide showel. Can it be skidded as well? Head is the most expeinsive.