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Need help with final decision on new skis

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I'm down to "pulling the trigger" on some new boards and look for some expert feedback as to which might be a better fit for my style.

I'm probably in" paralysis by analysis" but heres the story . I'm 6'1"" , 200lbs , 61 yrs old , in very good athletic condition. I ski 25+ days a yr in the East averaging 5-6 hrs of skiing /day .

I ski very aggressive fast runs on the groomers in the first 3/4 hrs and then reel back the speed to moderate cruising speed but NOT slow for the last hr of the day. I ski in the eastern US ( Adirondacks, Berkshires ,the Catskills and Canada so edge control, the ability to handle both boilerplate , EASTERN CRUD and packed powder is a need .

I want something that is stable @speed but that doesn't BEAT you up during the last hr of the day when you reel in the speed . Perhaps a bit forgiving of minor technique errors IN the LAST HR would be a good thing .

SO that said and after lots of reading and calling shops here's what i'm down to :

Atomic SX 9's or SX10's OR Volkyl 5 Stars . WHAT do YOU GUYS THINK ???am I on target or Off base ???:

I really need some advice here and ON WHAT LENGTH is appropriate?:
I'm thinking 180 in the Atomics and 175 in the Volkls

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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What were you on before, what did you like/not like about it?
What Type of turns do you prefer. I could guess that "fast" would be more GS, but do you only want GS or a wider variety?
Quickness for Bumps?

For some reason I'm really thinking Volant right now.
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My first advice is to demo. I have not skied the Atomic's you cite, but have skied the Atomic Metron line and own a pair of 5*. I just replaced my AX3's with a pair of Volkl Pro's -- I was really thinking of going the Metron B5 or M11 route, but while they are an incredible ski in a carve, it is work to get them to do anything else -- and I suspect the Atomics you cite are the same way.

I also am a large guy -- 225 in my case. I also am working to detune how aggresively I ski. Hence, my instructor (I'm a level 9 skier off to Steep and Deep in 2 weeks) suggested the Pro's as a replacement for the AX3's -- a stiff ski, incredible in crud, but versatile on the front and back side. It is a lot of ski, however.

Which brings me to the second suggestion -- look for a much shorter ski. I doubt you really need 175 in length in any of these skis. Drop to 170, and you'll have much more fun the first part of the day, and won't have to work so hard at the end of the day. I tried the Pro's in 170 and 177, and found the 177's too much ski. I suspect that you might have the same experience.

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skied my first pair of volkl last night everything I was told about them was true!! 6 stars not the 5. 5 are a little softer more forgiving. So I have read, every person I have talked to that owns volkl swears youl'll have to pry them from my dead fingers, they love them so much. Your a big guy I would defintly demo the 168 and 175 if your that inclined but if your going anywere steep and deep go with the 175s they will cruise very nicely and carve effortlessly put them on edge, relax, its smoooth as butter!! at any speed. Slow it down and carve pretty s turns just as nice as any snow board!!

"he who hesitates skis crud!!!"
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wow thanks for the quick replies ! To answer some of thRJP's questions I am on Dynastar Speed SX 63's @ 178 and LOVE them . If I have any complaint its that near the end of the day they are HEAVY especially when on a lift w/o footrests due to the Autodrive side wall design . Otherwiswe no complaints yjey suit me well . I tried them in 170's twice and found i needed the xtra length when on the steeps , I just felt the xtra stability helped me there. On the Blues the 170's rocked as wel las the 178's . AS far as turn shapes are concerned i like longer radius turns but also like to short swing too

So i'm looking for a ski that is stable , fast and has great edge hold but withsomewhat "lighter overall weight " especially when dangling on long slow rides on lifts w/o footrests late in the day.

I'd LOVE to Demo but it's simply NOT Offered by either most of the places we ski or the shops in the region --that ROTS !!! KM I've also heard great stuff about the Volkyl's

I'm greatful for the help guys and i guess i need to TRUST that the newer shorter stuff really holds well i'm leaning toward the 175 if i do the Volkyl i'm leary yey about the 170 in the Atomics -any Atomic guys out there with advice???
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[quote= i need to TRUST that the newer shorter stuff really holds well i'm leaning toward the 175 if i do the Volkyl i'm leary yey about the 170 in the Atomics -any Atomic guys out there with advice???[/QUOTE]

I just skied my wifes Atomic R8's in 160 and the grip was terrific. I don't think you need length for grip, and all Atomics grip.

That said, all my Atomics are 180's or 190's except my slalom skis which are 170. At you size I think the 180 would be nice for cruising, and still be easy to turn.
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I demoed M11 and B5 in 170 and 177. No problem with stability at speeds approaching 50mph. I've had my 5* (167) above 50 without stability problems. I'd note that most WC slalom skis are around 160 and certainly they are looking for grip.

I used to ski 207's, but a modern high-end shaped ski in 170 has more grip and stability than any long straight ski I ever skied.

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Originally Posted by habacomike
I demoed M11 and B5 in 170 and 177.
Mike: Don't the B:5's and M:11's only come in 152, 162 and 172?
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If you go Atomic the SX10 would be a ski that is very close to what your describing , the SX9 will be too soft for you at your weight. Another ski you may want to consider is the Atomic M10 , a great ski for all conditions . If all your doing is bombing the groomers don't go to short .
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sorry, you are right -- I demoed the 172 and 162.

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If you are thinking the atomic metron b5, go with the 172's. They are extremely stable at high speed. Tremendous edge hold. They are heavy, but you don't feel it skiing.

Lots of places to demo high end skiis at Stratton. Probably the same at many other mountains. Call around. There is NO other way to know what ski is for you other than demoing. Can you imagine taking your new pair of skiis(that you didn't demo) at full speed only to feel chatter and instability!!!!!
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