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Skis 2003

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If you are curious about next years skis try this link: http://www.proctorjones.com. I think Atomic's graphic designer may have been a bit overzealous...IMHO.
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Your link doesn't work for me.
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Sorry, try this www.proctorjones.com/pjonline/

If it still does'nt work try copy and paste into your browser
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Thanks Dr. Lots of cool stuff over there. Keep in mind Atomic is going after the Freeskier/Skiercross crowd --think teen ager-- not the trad skier--i.e. geezers [img]tongue.gif[/img] like us.

Actually, although I admire nordica's understated graphics, I prefer the loud green for sking. Makes me laugh, which makes me relax and ski better. now i may drop dead laughing at the 1st person I see with the full ensamble of boots and skis, especially if that person is me!!!
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Thanks, that works
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The 10.20s look about the same as the 2002 models. I've been skiing the 2003's for the last 2 months (till the season ended anyway). The sidecut seems pretty extreme compared to the 2001 10.20s.

You can lay down one heck of an edge, but the 180 in the 2003 feels much longer than the 2001 model due to the big sidecut.

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