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JH/Targhee 2/27-3/4

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I'll be at JH 2/27, 2/28 and Targhee 3/1-3/4. Anyone want to meet up for a few turns at either place? I know from other threads that several of us will be in the area during this time, so who's up for it?
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I will be there the same dates. M-W we will be at JH, Thursday we are planning Targhee. We are staying in town at the Elk Mountain Lodge.
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hmmmmm might have to make the drive back up there and meet up with you guys.
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Woo-hoo..flying out in about 36 hours. Hopefully we will be able to meet up. You know what I look like, I will be in that red/grey jacket, but I will be also sporting a grey Giro brain bucket.

PM me for my cell number.
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