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Taught my first class today

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Exhilarating and a bit intimidating, but at the end of the day I felt like I had helped my students learn, and that perhaps I actually did belong in the uniform.

I got hired by Breckenridge at last week's hiring clinic, and was in their training program during last week. Today was my first day scheduled to teach. A bit of a surprise that though hired for adults I was assigned to kids today (well maybe not a big surprise since it's a holiday weekend). But I had a great group and the supervisors and other instructors were a big help. Had a few challenges but got through it.

Major thanks to Epic people who got me into this: Bob Barnes for putting the crazy idea in my head and for great coaching at a year ago's ETU that really helped make things click, Foosh and Ydnar at ESAs for getting my skiing up a lot higher than it was going on my own, Ric Reiter for some great tips at ESAs. Also Tsavo for some great challenges on the hill and mike_m for some pointers, while skiing with them this season.
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Congrats Mark, Keep it up.

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Good luck in your next career, Mark.
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Good Luck!!

Remember, there are a lot of highly experienced instructors among the Summit Bears who can provide a lot of insight and wisdom.

Make time to attend Bob's Tuesday night MA sessions-since the Level 1 "exams" are basically done for the season the focus will be on preparation of the Level 2 and 3 candidates but you will still learn a lot (and how far you have to go).

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Congrats on the first class. In the words of Woody Woodward "Don't let that Monday through Friday 9-5 thing get in the way of your ski teaching career.
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