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Snowbasin Instructors

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Can anyone recommend a particular ski instructor at Snowbasin?

We're going to be there at the end of this week and are looking for a 2-3 hour private lesson. We're both competent skiers on the steeps and groomers and are looking to expand our skills (or lack thereof ) in the powder.

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Stew Marsh (if you can get him). He's a PSIA-I examiner, has worked at Alta for many, many years and has recently taken a Job as SB's ski school trainer.


PS: Tell him, Lonnie said "Hello".
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Great, thanks Lonnie!
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I was also going to recommend Stew, you may want to call now, I know he's popular.
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As a matter of fact, I called today. They said Stew doesn't normally work on Fridays but he will often come in if someone specifically requests him. So they've booked us for Friday at noon, and said Stew will call us to let us know if it will indeed be him or someone he personally recommends.
Thanks again, we will definitely pass on the glowing endorsements from fellow bears and give a full report when we get back to ol' Virginia.
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