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Copper accident

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I witnessed somebody falling about 20 or 30 feet from a lift just a few days ago at Copper (Friday 2/18/05). It was the High-Speed Super Bee six-passenger lift at Copper's East Village. I really don't see how this person missed getting on the seat correctly to begin with as slow as it ran when loading. He/she was able to sit up on his own after a minute or 2. He/she fell just past where the lift crosses Rosi's Run. It took what seemed to be several minutes for anyone to get to the person. It happened about lunch time. Plenty of people saw it happen from the restaurant and lift loading area. I pray that this person's injuries weren't too bad and fully recovers soon.

Has anyone heard anything more about this?
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Just another reason to put the lift restraint bar down. Why doesn't everyone use it?
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