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Another Silver Pin Acquired

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Yep, folks after much consternation, blood, sweat and sleepless nights I have acquired the Silver one. I had three tough, taxing but informative examiners.

I would like to say a special thanks to those who have help me prepare by sharing their knowledge and experience here in these threads. Well I am not going to go into detail because I just got back from the after party and I'm feeling too good to type.

Later people and thanks again.

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Well done!! Congrats.
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Wear the pin with pride and enjoy the accomplishment, Ed.
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Great job, Ed...

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Hats off to you. Wear it with great pride. Level II is a real accomplishment.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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PS Anybody hear how Ben (bbarr1000) did in his exam?
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All Right! Congrats..

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Way to go Powdigger. Now the real burning for learning starts.
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Way to go. Anyone that thinks it's easy ought to give it a try, eh?
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Originally Posted by epic
Way to go. Anyone that thinks it's easy ought to give it a try, eh?
ITS EASY Couldn't help it yah left the door open.

Powdigger great accomplishment in the length of time you have been an instructor. I was going to be there but there is flu in my household.
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Thanks folks,

What a great weekend and Kneale your comments are right on. I now know that I need to know more. More doors were opened than goals reached this weekend. I am anxious to improve my teaching ability and own skiing. I am skied out but guess what? Yep, going to the hill in a hour to teach the President day crowd. Such is the life of an instructor.


Thanks so much. But you had alot to do with my development as an instructor. So thank you. You started focusing in on that inside foot of mine three years ago. I was ahead of the curve on that one.

Sorry to hear about the flu. We missed you out there. I was a great weekend of skiing in that the crowds were very light and snow conditions were excellent. I hope to see you soon and I hope your wife is recovering well.

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Hey Ed!

Congrats - & hope you're having fun at Alpine today - supposed to be busy, Rick was begging yesterday for instructors for this morning! (Tim/retired@40 is there, but I have to work at my 'real' job today.)

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Congratulations!! Good Job!!! ::
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Way To Go

Way To go, Pow. Congrats. Hopefully you can write a few words on your experience when you get a few moments to yourself....

I guess Im next, or soon thereafter. March 19 in the east.

The search for knowledge is sooo true. The more you know...
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Congrats Powdigger!
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Congrats dig.
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WTG Ed! My quest starts next season.
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