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Tibial Plateau Fracture

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A set of unprecedented events leaded to my right leg tibial plateau fracture. I was just lucky enough not to tear mcl completely (means no extra trip to O.R. ;o) Having in mind that some hardware supporting my tibia now (5 screws and one metal plate) I'm curious... there are any Bears with similar problems fully recovered in 9 -10 months?
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Ouch!!!! I'm sorry I have nothing to contribute to as far as the injury is concerned but I send many strong vibes of healing! Speedy recovery to you moresnow.
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Don't know how similar a Femur fracture is. I'm back to probably 80% in 9 months.

Hardware in my leg, Ti Rod (full length of my Femur) and 4 screws.

As soon as your ortho gives you the go ahead, start working on keeping your range of motion. I was able to start this the day after surgery. Stay motivated and keep lots of ice around and keep the swelling down as best you can. This will allow you to continue to flex your leg.

Well wishes for a speedy recovery from me as well.

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