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Mostly Nordic Skier Needs Advice

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I have lived in Vermont for almost 20 years (a newcomer), and used to do a lot of Alpine skiing when my kids were growing up. This included being at Sugarbush for the GMVS weekend program every Sat & Sun for eight years. When they got to high school they both switched to Nordic racing, so we spent 5 years going to Nordic races every weekend. They are now both off to college, but I still find myself Nordic skiing, mostly for the good workout it provides. At age 58 I need all the help I can get.
I am 5'11" and 180 lbs and am still using my old, straight Salomon EXP9000 in about 200cm length. All my downhill skiing friends have been telling me I need to try shaped skis, so late last season I tried a couple. The first was a Rossignol Zenith Z5. Unfortunately, conditions were very good that day, which I don't feel is a good test in VT.I looked for some hard pack/ice and the ski seemed to handle what little I could find well. The following Sunday (I hate crowds) I wanted to try Volkl 5* but got to the shop and they only had 6*. That day was VERY hard packed snow, (there had been a thaw) and they handled it well. But trying to go down a gladed trail I was in big trouble with the bumps. I have never handled them well, and usually avoid them, but this was a test and the Rossi's were great on that trail, but with great snow.
You may ask, why didn't I just buy the Rossis? Well, I found it hard to buy the first ski I tried. I usually (over)research most purchases. Anyway, I am now getting around to trying some more demos. Just did part of the Canadian Ski Marathon last week, so I don't have to work out both weekend days now, plus the nicer weather is coming. The shop I usually use suggested the Nordica SUV12. I had wanted to try the Fischer RX6 last year but did not, and now they don't carry it. I did see that Princeton ski seems to have a good price on it if I want to do without the demo.
I prefer mostly groomed black diamonds, but since many of the are not groomed I do many blues as well. Any suggestions/advice ?

Thanks very much. I just discovered this forum and have been reading via the search function and like what I have seen.
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Welcome to the forums!

From what I gather, sounds like you like to keep on the groomed stuff and lay down some arcs. Although you described the kind of skiing you like to do, you left out the charecteristics that you are looking for in a ski, ie. stiffness, dampness/liveliness, price, etc.

For example, there are many "carving" skis out there that would suit your needs fine, but then again, there are skiiers just like you that wouldn't touch anything but a race-model for laying down the very same arcs on the very same trails you would.

You and your friends are correct in that today's skis are quite revolutionary in how they are changing the way we ski and in the fact that demoing is the way to go. But, more info in what you like in a ski would be very useful.

So, what are you looking for in a ski?

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If you liked the zenith, try a 9S oversize. It's a lot more flexible and forgiving than the Volkl 6* but will give you more than the Zinith.
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