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Volkl 724 pro vs Dynastar Legend 8000s

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Hi all,

I notice there is a lot of support for both skis and would like all your experienced opinions on which ski would be more suitable for me. I'm a level 7-8 skiier, 185lbs and 6'0. I ski aggressively on piste and have no problems on any in-bounds skiing. I have limited experience in powder and cruddy conditions. I ski almost exclusively in the Alps, and we probably have conditions varying between the West and East Coast US. As I live in the UK, demoing is practically impossible.

I'm looking to venture more and more off-piste, and am looking for one ski that does it all, on the hardpack, good edgehold in ice, occasional venture into bumps, decent powder floation and good handling in crud.

Which ski would be better for me and what length should I ski them in. Also, have any of you seen good deals on either ski?

Thanks for the opinions
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I rarely see the 724 pro on the hill. Its a great ski for me, but I'm 215 lb and 5'11". It is a demanding ski but really performs. Rips through crud and heavy powder. Holds on ice and does great GS turns. Real good at changing up turns and although you have to work em they turn tightly very well. I take em in the bump - no problem.

For a ski with this much performance, there is a sweet spot that is surprising. By that I mean that it's a little forgiving. I vote for the pro but I never skied the Dynastar.
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I ski a 177cm and that is plenty for me. This is an expert ski and I don't know about the levels (7-8). This ski is demanding and even though there is a sweet spot, most would not say that this ski is not forgiving. So going short would be wise, maybe.
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I'm a good PSIA level 7 (maybe weak 8?) and last year at 5'10" and 180#, I demoed the 724 Pro in a 170. I found the 724 to be too stiff for me.

Like yourself (LondonNick), last year I was looking for a ski that I would enjoy as I improved my abilities off piste. With that in mind, I didn't want a really stiff ski like the 724. So I ended up with an Elan Mantis 662 in 176 length, a ski that I really enjoy.

I have not tried the Dynastar 8000, but I plan to when I get the chance, just so I can have an opinion on it.
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I demoed the 724 pro (as well asa bunch of other mid-fats) before buying the 8000 and I definitely think these are the two best mid-fat skis out there. They feel quite similar, the main difference being that the pro feels a bit more lifeless and heavy and it is a bit stiffer, the 8000 is supple and agile yet just as stable as the pro. The flex and dampening of the pro makes it feel like it wants to try some off piste but at heart it is a high speed groomer ski. The 8000 is a more versatile ski, happy to go wherever you care to take them. The 8000 will be a more forgiving ski if you are venturing off piste for the first time and it is definitely better in the bumps.

If you want to go charging into bulletproof ice or hard groomers all day the pro is probably the pick of the two. But for virtually everything else go for the 8000.
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I would say that you are right on with your accessment of the pro. The exception is its performance off piste. The pro rips and floats and turns and flys. It is less forgiving which means in tight quaters, problems (trees) can develop if you are not up to the ski. The peformance is there and it is not a lifeless ski, but you have to ski it. The pro doesn't want to try off piste - its made for it, Eastern style.

That being said, the 8000 is probably a better ski for a level 7-8, even though I don't know what that represents. The 8000 sounds like it would be less work and more fun.

Nick, let us know. Buy something!
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