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Conditions terrible in Colorado

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I advise everyone to stay home for the holiday tomorrow. And those that are visiting should probably head home Sunday night to beat the traffic. I'll be willing to go up and check things out but it'll likely be raining.
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turt--get out of there---quick
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....something sounds fishy.....
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Yep. Move along nothing to see here.. not that you can see much outside right now..
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I hear they are closing the resorts until 28th March (but will be opening up Vail for special guests on 19th-27th March).
I'm thinking of bringing my rock skis.
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Yeah, instead, we should all go to the resorts in Virginia. I heard they got a ton of snow right now.
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Apparently this thread didn't get to the 3 million people at Copper today. Next weekend, the weather is REALLY going to be bad, people! I hear Virginia is getting fresh pow every night.
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Next time go to Loveland, No lines ! Good time was had by all!
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Urrrm, Colorado is a big state! Wolf Creek has 155 inches at midway with more snow expected all week. Who needs to go to Virginia!

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transmit, you need to read turt's post more carefully. Pay extra attention to that strange symbol in the title. This one:
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ok, last weekend was president's weekend; so everyone had 3 days to get in all the skiing they need.
now, this weekend; there is absolutely NO reason to hit the mountains. you know all those snow reports this week were greatly exaggerated to get you guys back out there; but there is NO reason to go. This would be the perfect weekend to actually start early on your taxes and there's a rumor that the hockey season will start this weekend.
I will go up to Breck and Copper just to check on the staff and make sure they are okay.
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For some odd reason, it's been raining like crazy at Copper, but dumping powder at Keystone!

That being said, Copper still has enormous lines and is loaded with snowboarders. There are almost no lift lines at Keystone, and so few snowboarders that you might even believe you were in Alta!

So if you're coming to Colorado, Keystone is the place to be!
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ok, keystone on friday then; maybe copper saturday after a look-see.
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LM & Cougar/other bears--- you guys need to get to VA .....Madmike and myself were at Wintergreen Wed and there was a major storm forcast for Thur .......We got out of there as quick as we could : : cause they were forcasting 5-7.........:

5 , I wouldn't mind ----but anything over 5-8 and I would have a hard time breathing in it !:

You guys should fly out now !!!

(NOTE----for you Bears who are unfamiliar with typical conditions in VA------ignore this post)
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Got a message from someone at Steamboat who said the hordes did manage to scrape the mountain clean -- lots of complaints from the locals. I really hope it's not as bad as they are indicating.... anyone who is there know the conditions? (I'm there for a week tomorrow, and forecast shows not too much snow next week with warmer temps.)
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