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Cross Rangers, What's better now?

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I have Volkl Cross Rangers... love them except for big bumps. I'm about ready for new ski's. I understand the G3 is really the updated cross ranger... true?

Also, what would be the top competitors to the cross ranger. I want a ski that can bust the crud and chopped powder, but maybe a little quicker than the Cross Rangers for the bumps. I'm a "wanna be" ripper, good for a few hours, then back to the front side.

Since I only ski 14 -21 days, I'd rather demo only one day. So any help on model and length would be greatly appreciated.

I'm 6'5", 230, comfortable in all terrain except big bumps and double black. I like to ski aggressive, quick turns, etc. (Although sometimes the Cross Rangers wear me out skiing so aggressively! Hey! I'm a geezer now... 41!)

Thanks in advance!

Rick I.
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Depending on how deep you go, you'll probably want to demo the following skis - as well as the G3, which falls into the same group:

"An all terrain masterpiece!" Huge sweet spot. Powerful, smooth, forgiving, Not as stable at extreme speed on hard snow as GS, but a great all mountain ski. Does it all."

"Stable, smooth, makes great round turns, basically the Bandit XX with power plate. Requires good skills and high energy skiing."


The descriptions come from Peter Keelty's site (non-commercial, unlike Ski and Skiing, etc. where the information is virtually worthless) which is well worth visiting (and joining):

Happy trails!

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The Crossranger was replaced by the G30 then G31. All three had the same dimensions except they made the G30 & G31 in models a couple cm. shorter. The G30 was stiffer than the Crossranger & the G31 was stiffer than the G30.

The G3 replaced the G31 but they changed the side dimensions especially in the tail. The tail has more arc to it allowing for better carving. The downside is the tail doesn't release as easily as the Crossranger making the ski harder to skid around in moguls and steeps.

If you liked the Crossranger seriously consider the K2 Axis X. It is light like the Crossranger and very versital. It is a great all-around ski for out west.
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