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Yep, 1968. Mt. Shasta, California. Leather lace boots. Head Skis, rentals. Comped to me along with a lesson. Sunny day, warm. Skied many times after that. Took several lessons after that first on and became a pretty good skier. Have skied off and on ever since...and guess what? I just took a private lesson the other day. One never stops learning.
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For me I often think of my first day on skis as being Mt Tom in Massachusets when I was the age of 10. I road the J bar all day and that hill seemed huge! The bunny hill that is. I remember bombing it at the end of the day. However this was not my first time skiing, it was just when I really started skiing consistently. My father worked for Ames department stores and every couple of years they had a big outing. This one was at a huge resort in the catskills Cutchers or something like that. I was about 5. We went skiing. I actually remember the day pretty well. I remember the nightmarish ropetow. Laying on the slope not being strong enough to untangle my two skis from each other when I had them on. But my greatest triumph was hiking to the top of the hill of my own volition and bombing it. I remember wrecking and seeing stars. Little did I know how big a role skiing would play in my life today

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I think this is the most entertaining thread I have ever read! Reading everyone of these puts a smile on my face! One of those life changing experiences isn't it?

My first night skiing was at "ski roundtop" Pa., I was fifteen and my friends who were skiers took me up. I paid $10 for skis and a ticket (big bucks for a part time grocery clerk) and went to the "j" bar lift. survived the lift line and watched how the skiers in front of me loaded and road the lift. Survived the ascent and dismount, then overheard an instructor tell her students to "keep their weight on the downhilll ski" and with that tidbit of knowledge I pointed'm down the hill. My life has never been the same since (in a good way).
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Wow what a great bad memory. I was 17, in HS on a HS ski club trip to Squaw in '77. Couple of my buds were skiers, I did not know anything about skiing. I borrowed some ski's, some boots and what I had was crap but I didn't know. They were red/white Kneisels (sp?) wth these aweful plate bindings. That day was a complete blizzard at Squaw. I was in levi's and sunglasses. After not being able to see my feet or what I was on, I bought some really cheap goggles but it was much better. My friends took off and I was lost most of the day, falling down and trying to fix the d*#% plate bindings! :

Then at the end of the day some fast sucker smacked me good and remember sticking the tip of my right ski into the hill and it broke just south of the shovel! Great, I borrow someone's stuff and I break it. I wasn't hurt from the collision, but I hobbled back to the dorm type rooms we were in trying to figure out what happened. I was completely frozen and soaked, but that did not bother me. Heck, I thought everyone was cold and wet ... but I still had fun in all the misery and I kept coming back for more.

I only wish I had a chance to ski more. Work has kept me away a few years before, but this year I'm gaining ground. If I get 7-10 days a year that's good for me. I know that's kinda pathetic but the wife won't ski any more and I'm running out of stories why I come home late from work sometimes... :
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Nice post! Yep, like it was yesterday, in reality it was during my junior year at Cornell 1975 with my beautiful girlfriend Leonore (Lennie) Mazza, a champion skater and great skier. Greek Peak in Dryden seemed like Mount Everest!

Lost one of my skis and had to follow it walking down the hill, and completely shredded the jacket she had lent me!!!! Swore I would never, ever, ever ski again.

Now, I go as often as possible, and permanently dream of this wonderful sport.
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i talked my future sister-in-law into trying skiing.
we went to camp gaw in new jersey.
rented everything, NO LESSONS!!!!!!
fell on the rope tow, had to get hauled up every time we fell .
that was a LOT.
did not know how to get up!!!

those poor people trying to ski-idiots on the lift!!
finally get to the top.
turned the skis downhill and away we went.
thank goodness no one got hurt.
took off the skiis and boots.

probably almost 10 years later, an opportunity to go to killington with friends who skied for 1 year.
hubby and i took a lesson and we have been hooked ever since!!!
(18 years)
i have always regretted that no one ever said to take a lesson when i first tried it.
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wrong forum but...

buttermilk, march 6, 1998. a few inches of fresh and an adult beginner group of five, three by day's end. curtis capparella was my instructor.
hooked on the first turn. i didn't stop smiling till i got back home.
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Do You Remember Your 1st Time On Skis

OH YEAH !! In 1965 Just graduated from college and my bride and I moved to the Adirondacks to work @ a college . Several faculty & I took the Outing club on a trip to BIG Tupper Ski area for some nite skiing . Some of my "friends" CONVINCED me that as a former college jock i was a fair enough athlete to try skiing and i TOOK the bait.

EXCEPT these guys didnt tell me about skiing on 7'3" ARMY surplus skis with rat trap bindings and rusting edges -but hey I was a good enought athlete -or so i thought ! "Hey WHO NEEDS lessons guys let's go right to the top " after All i was a great water skier--Yeah Right !!

Well you can imagine the result -- I "sat" on the T bar ( first assualt to my dignity ) , got to the top saw the twinkling little lites of the mountain village 1000 ' ft below and said to myself --" What in Hell are you doing ???

Well i tumbled down that hill so many times i looked like a YETI by the time i got to the bottom and my BUDS were standing there all flexed out from a great run and were busting a gut at how they had initiated me as ROOKIE of the Year.

Altho my pride suffered as i was continually helped out on the slopes by some pre-teenybop racers who stopped to assist me up from my pratfalls --i was hooked .----But never went near Outing Club ski gear again !!!!
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yeah, I was thrown out of my first lesson....


it was also at Boston Mills, near Cleveland, I think February 1968 or 1969. It a special deal sponsored by the newspaper "Plain Dealer" - which offered rentals, lesson, and lift ticket for $4 bucks. Maybe nightcat was there....I'm a few years younger though.

My only previous snow sports were grabbing onto bumpers of cars and junior hockey and ice skating (racing), which I was quite decent at.

The skis seemed like long hockey skates on a tilted ice rink...apparently, I knew how to ski without ever having done it. The instructor threw me out of my first lesson the first time he saw me....thought I wasn't a beginner and just trying to cash in on a cheap lift ticket. haven't taken a lesson since.
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My first time was 1977. I was a college student home for Christmas vacation. My college roommate lived in a neighboring town and he was going skiing. So I tagged along to Terry Peak, a surprisingly good local ski area in South Dakota. Fell a million times and battled the Spademans all day long. I could hardly get out of bed the next morning but I was a "lifer" from that first day.
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First Time

Got over confident after the instructor said I could skip the next level of lessons and move up to level three...went back out after the lesson and took a slide that resulted in my kidney area folding around a tree...severe pain and trouble sleeping for about two weeks...but I was hooked....went night skiing the next night after the first lesson with a group of guys from work.
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Hey werekong

Hey Werekong old buddy -R U the dude that closed White Acre's AND Big Tupper ???

Oh yeah its the lunch less crew @work
c u soon
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I was maybe 12 or so (~1992, I think) at Snowsnake in MI. Rental everything. I could turn and stop on the rope-tow served darn-near flat bunny hill after a couple runs. I then graduated myself to the main mountan (250ft vertical) and straightlined the whole thing because I couldn't turn and almost ran my brother over at the bottom.
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Yeah, W.Dad

Originally Posted by Warp daddy
Hey Werekong old buddy -R U the dude that closed White Acre's AND Big Tupper ???

Oh yeah its the lunch less crew @work
c u soon
I would like to think of their closing as more of a coincidence ----however, Shumaker is another story!!!
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