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Kicking Horse Report

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Kicking Horse Report

5-12 February 2005

The following are pictures that we wanted to post. Will try to put them in a later report:

(1) Fudgiscle on Show Off above the clouds covering the town of Golden

(2) Fudgiscle coming down Euphoria-hands out front

(3) Eagle’s Eye Restaurant on top of the world.

(4) Helicopter landing just below Eagle’s Eye, looking out to top of Stairway to Heaven lift (first peak on left) and end of hiking area (beginning of out of bounds – first peak to the right of the top of Stairway to Heaven). Those blips are skiers.

Went to kicking horse 2-5 to 2-12. 10 inches of snow arrived with us and it lasted all week. No crowds. Not much beginner or intermediate terrain. Lots of hiking available. Town of Golden is between two mountain passes so it’s pretty much just a truck stop. The hill is about a fifteen minute climb out of town. It would have been nice to have a car as the ramada we stayed at was not within walking distance of downtown as Ski-Can said. Wasn’t much downtown anyway. Hey Patel-the cab driver pointed out two strip joints, the Lodge and the Roadhouse. The Cedar House was the best restaurant, it’s up on the hill, they come and get you. The owners also run the River House, open Friday and Saturday nights for dinner, every day for breakfast and lunch but really small. All organic, even the beer and wine. The Kicking Horse Grill is in the town and was a close second to the Cedar House. Watched the super bowl at the Grizzley, it’s a truck stop, the bar was ok. Had lunch a couple times at Eagle’s Eye on top of the mountain. Great food and view, open Friday and Saturday for dinner but we didn’t make it. You can catch the VIP gondola first thing, your chef for the day will make you breakfast lunch and dinner, you get a ski guide and stay over in one of the bedrooms above the restaurant. Ask the hostess for a tour. $1700 Canadian. We didn’t do it. Overall-loved the place, I think you guys will too.

Caution-skiied six days, on two of them the police had a roadblock set up. Stopped everyone, maybe looking for drinking. A vehicle following our bus got impatient and passed the bus right into waiting Mounties, our driver got a big kick out of that. It was on the straightaway just after the one lane bridge on the access road.

Have fun-fudgsicle
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Looked at the web site, http://www.kickinghorseresort.com/winter/

Wow, what an interesting place, that I've never even heard of. I would LOVE to take a week and ski those interior BC resorts! Are there a bunch of them in there? Do they get the pineapple express?
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Don't go unless everyone with you knows how to ski well.

The bottem 1/4 is in the fog quite often and not pleasent.

The top is usually above the clouds and absolute heaven.

This is a skiers mountain, and you won't see your intermediate friends all day so leave them at home.
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The real "Gem" in Golden

If you are planning to visit Golden, and can save up some extra $$$, then three or four days at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing is a treat you will never forget. Ski at KHR before your visit to Chatter Creek, because you won't want to bother afterward. Take a look at the "Chatter News" (http://powder-skiing.blogspot.com) and some of the 18 or so associated sites. Also, the HeliPlanet Web site at http://www.heliplanet.com/index.php/...Snowcat_Skiing has a detailed description of the place and a report from a recent (end-Jan) trip. Cat skiing is not cheap, but it is about 1/2 the cost of heli-skiing and you will get lots of skiing or riding.
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