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Boot Question

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I'm an intermediate skier that'll be doing a lot more skiing over the next two years and looking for a boot that i can grow into and will help take me to the next level. I have a fairly narrow foot/calf, 6'4" and 215lbs. Here are the boots I've been looking at (all boots are new and about the same in price):

Tecnica Explosion 8
2004 Salomon Performa 7.0
'04-05 Salomon Ellipse 9.0
2004 Lange Comp 100

Thanks for your help!

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Hello Dennis & welcome

You need to meet with an experienced bootfitter. These boots are vastly different in fit and you need one that fits properly. Lange and Technica are on opposite ends of the fit spectrum - narrow to wide - for example. Check out the bootfitter thread and find one in your area. Height and weight do not IMO apply, it is more the shape of your feet and calves.
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I agree with bklyntrayc that you should see a bootfitter and choose the boot that fits first and foremost and the choices you list cover a spectrum of fits. I don't necesarily agree that height and weight aren't important. Fit first but choose the model of boot with an appropriate flex. For instance at your size you would crush a performa 7 and likely want more boot if not right away then after some advancement. A Performa 9 or Xwave would likely be a better choice. In the Lange you would want to check the 120 and maybe some of the higher end CRL boots.

Again though fit, fit, fit first and the rest is details as you will find different flexes in the same fit from each of the manufacturers.
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tecnica warning

well, dutch777 just a heads up.

i had a pair of tecnica tnt's that were great until they disintegrated as i was skiing in them this year. i've been skiing for close to 30 years (including 4 years of racing and 5 instructing) and i've never seen anything like this. the base-plates of both boots separated from the upper part of the shells leaving me to fall on my butt. thankfully i wasn't heading toward a large, hard object at the time.

although they were at least 8 seasons old i had skied less than 20 days in them. the company has been less concerned than i would expect them to be given the potential for serious injury. they offered to get me another pair of boots if i sent them $150. overall they acted as if a buckle had come loose.

something to think about before you plop down some serious money on tecnicas.
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