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I have a turn

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Back surfing for the first time post back injury &

I can turn.....

I now have a toe side turn to my repertoire... a pretty slow not very dynamic one - but it is consistent(at least today it was) .....

Sort of like my surfing equivalent of a wedge turn....

Now if I can just nail the heel side.... (& then try to get them a bit dynamic with some speed on take-off)
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Well - today we planned to turn & took a shorter board down.... but the surf was breaking just "there" & so I ended up learning to get up & ride on green waves

Love that feeling

& then I did just one heelside turn in the white water to finish up a great night - then my instructor had to head home & nurse the baby wombat
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yo, wavegyrl...


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OK diss...time for those on the beach bikini pics....
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Aaah - for that you would need the services of a very experienced psychiatrist to recover from the post traumatic stress....
Up until mid-30's no problems - but these days it is not a good look.... must try to get the situation back to "reasonable" soon

Ryan - THANKS I am very happy diss at the moment
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You should try it on snow...nothing like floating on a board on a powder day...
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No thanks - I need my hands to earn money.... cannot afford to board - also I hate sitting on the ground

Or as one of my instructors says "I'll learn to board when I have finished learning skiing"

My biggest problem with boading is how hard it is for them to travel outside resort...
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OK update....

Tuesday night I spent the time riding unbroken waves YAY! (now to learn to do it myself instead of with instructor assist)

Thursday night the waves were so small I had no real faces to ride - so I worked on turns in whitewash.... Backhand turns starting to come together now....
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Ok - now changed beaches..... I have hired a board to play on for a couple of days.... & am starting to feel a bit less stressed about the concept of being there without my instructor.... need to work on paddling practice... paddling out back alone is next big mental hurdle....

Ryan - any hints on exercises I can do (no gym atm) to strengthen arms/shoulders for paddling? My arms hate going over all the time
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