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17 y/o female skier Rossi - Axium Super Twin deck

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I just got a call, and heard that my 17 y/o sister picked up some Rossignol Axium Super Twin Deck's (which I had never heard of before). I looked over ontechsupportforskiers and it said "Forgiving, good carving ski for skiers moving up from intermediate level, for light skilled skiers or larger casual skiers. Everybody else should check the Viper S"

She's skied in Utah once, but for the most part skies a couple times a year here in minnesota tops. She's an intermediate at best. She's 120 lbs, 5-4. She got the 160cm's. She is really into x-country skiing, so I wonder if making the change to downhill will come a little easier. She's kinda athletic, but I hope this isn't too much ski for her or anything. She also picked up some reletively cheap (140 dollar on sale solomon boots). I really want her to have a great experiance, cause I think she would really love skiing, she just needs that first excellent experiance, which she hasn't gotten yet. She was too timid last time we went to utah, and it was pretty icey...pray for snow for this year!

Anyone have any thoughts? What's the deal with the Twin deck, from my understanding it's just a riser plate?

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Hi BK, and welcome.

Ok your sister may have the cart a little bit ahead of the horse.

It is time to concentrate on her boots and most importantly the fit and flex of those boots. That means the following:

1. Find a good boot fitter in a good ski shop, and make sure those used boots fit properly, include custom insoles, and she can easily flex those boots.

2. If those used boots aren't right, it may be time to get new ones. Yes, it is throwing $140.00 away, but poor boots no matter what the cost,just doesn't cut it.

You can make it a holiday gift from the family, if cost for brand new boots is a problem. It is about proper fit and being able to flex the boot.you must have both !

3. As part of the fitting process along with the custom footbeds, she should be properly aligned. A good boot fitter knows what that is. This is VERY important.

Why all the emphisis on boots, and alignment? Becasue it doesn't make any difference how great the ski is, if the boot fit is lousy, and can't be flexed, the ski is riding you, rather than you riding the ski. Proper alignment insures good edge engagement.

A great boot fit with insoles, and alignment will do more for your sister's skiing, equipment wise, than anything else. She still will need to take a few lessons to maxmize her enjoyment.

Finally, make sure the bindings on the skis are located in the correct position for a women skier. Skip using and or installing any binding plate risers for now, they are not necessary for a beginning skier, in fact I would discourage their use at this time.

All the best to you and your sister, together may you both have many great runs over the years.
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I had no idea she was looking for skis until she had already bought them, otherwise I woulda said most of the stuff you said.

The boots are new btw. It's too late about the plate, it's already there and the order they are already putting the bindings on.

This is an x-mas present, and she's already chipping in to cover some of the costs, so...yeah, there isn't MORE of an option for x-mas.

We're gonna try to get out on saturday, I'll post how that goes.

You were very on with your points, I'll offer those to her if sat doesn't go well.

Thanks a lot
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